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Who was Daniel Boone and what was Daniel Boones mission

He was one of the earliest and best know american pioneers to cross the Appalasion mountains. He wanted to help people move west

Was Daniel Boone successful on his mission to help people move west


What event led to the US doubling in size

US bought Louisiana from France

Who was responsible for the US doubling size by purchasing Louisiana from France

Thomas Jefferson

Who was Zebulon Pike

He was an explorer

What was Zebulon Pikes accomplishments

He found Spanish land

What was the Monroe Doctrine

A government plan of action that if you wanted to expand land war would be declared on you

What did Thomas Jefferson do to help the expansion westward

President,main writer for the Declaration of Indpendence,sent out Lewis and Clark on the expedition

What did Francis Scott Key do to help the expansion westward

Washington Lawyer, wrote the Star Spangled Banner

Who was Tecumseh

Leader of the Shawnee Indians, wanted to unite against the US

Who was Sacajawea

From Shoshone tribe helped Lewis and Clark on their expedition

Who was Andrew Jackson

He was a general who won the final battle in the war of 1812 " Battle of New Orleans"

What were the Corps of Discovery

group led by Lewis and Clark

What were major battles of the war of 1812

Battle of Washington DC
Battle of New Orleans
Battle of Thames
Battle of Lake Erie
Battle of Baltimore

What battle of the 1812 was most significant

Battle of Thames and Battle of Lake Erie

When was the Era of Good Feelings


What happened during the Era of Good Feelings

people began to feel like they were americans

What was the Louisiana purchase

Spain took over all of Louisiana. Spain secretly gave Louisiana back to France. Louisiana was purchased for $15,000 by Napoleon

What did Tecumseh and Tenskwatawa want to do

Shawnee Indians that wanted to unite a confederation with the Indians against the US

American captain Oliver Hazard Perry defeated the British in a battle on lake Erie on what date

Sept 10 1813

After the revolutionary war the land between the appalachian mountains and the mississippi river was called what

American Frontier

Settlers west of the Appalachians were called


Daniel Boone came to love the woods and hunting after his family moved to where in North Carolina

Yadkin Valley

Who told Daniel Boone stories about land far west over the Appalachian mountains

John Finley

After the French and Indian war Boone set out to find an Indian trail called what

The warriors path

Boone told about the rich land and buffalo in


What indians lived in settlements through out Kentucky

The Cherokee and the Shawnee

Boone blazed a path through the cumberland gap that came to be known as what

Wilderness Road

Boone built a for in this wilderness and named the pioneer settlement what


US states bought part of the LA from France on what date

April 30 1802

Thomas Jefferson was getting ready to become president when

March 4 1801

When did the Lewis and Clark expedition start

May 1804

Who are corps of discovery

people lead by Louis and Clark

When was a second expedition sent out, who was on that expedition

August or Sept 1806, Pike

When did Pike return

About 1807

What was the Louisiana purchase time line

1. LA given to Spain after French and Indian war
2. LA returned to France by Spain
3. US bought LA from France
4. LA explored by Lewis and Clark
5.LA explored by Pike

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