Business Computer Application 1

Word 2010
Type: Word Proccessing
Flie extension: .docx
Type: Spread sheet
File Extension: .xlsx
Type: Data Base
File Extension: .accdb
Type: Destop Publishing
File Esxtension: .pud
Type: Mulitmedia Presentation
File Extension: .pptx
Talbes, queries, and forms are examples of Access____
A collection of record for a single subject such as all the custumor records
Common Data types
Text, number, date/time, memo, yes/no
A group of related fields, such as all the information for one custumor
Comparison Operators
Less than or equal to: < or <=
Greater than or equal to: > or >=
Not equal: <>
In excel, it's the spreadsheet you work in
= sign
All formulas and functions beging with _______
Operators for Excel
Plus (+) Minus (-) Division (/) Multiplication (*) Exponent (^)
Portrait and Landcape
Possible paper orientation
Helps fit the data on a single page without making changes to indivual margins.
Complex formula
More than one opperator.
Simple formula
Has one operator
Order of preformed operations. (Perathesise, Exponent, Multiplication, Division, Addtion, Subtraction)
Fill handle
To continue a squence in adjacent cells, suchas as the days weeks
Default currency
Number format that adds $ signs and 2 decimal places to the numeric data.
Auto fix
Double-clicking the column the line to the right of a column activiates the ________ feature
Borders and Fill button
font group on the home ribbon
Absolute formuals
Have $ signs Example =$B$6*5
Examples of Functions
=MAX() =MIN() =SUM() =Average() =PMT()
############## in a cell means:
The cell is too narrow to fit the value
Legend r key
A par of a chart that indentifies each data series in a chart, usually with a dirrerent color
Data Series
A collection of related data points in a chart
Labels/Text that further describes the data
THe purpose of annotation in a chart
Purpose of a pie chart
To compare data as a whole
New slide List Arrow
Lets you choose which slide you would like to put in
Animation settings
Enterance and exit effects in powerpoint
Rehearse Timing
The slide show menu that allows the user to set the timings in powerpoing to run automatically
Red squiggley line
Means that that something isn't in the dictionary
Status bar
Where you can find information about the currenct documentssuch as the number of pages and the zoom buttons
Horizontal Ruler
Elements of the Wod progam window that displays tab settings