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  1. SR
  2. enema
  3. liquid
  4. emulsions
  5. tablet
  1. a mixture of two liquids that do not dissolve into each other in which one liquid is spread through the other by mixing and using a stabilizer called an emulsifier
  2. b a substance in the fluid state of matter having no fixed shape but a fixed volume
  3. c injection of a liquid through the anus to stimulate evacuation
  4. d a dose of medicine in the form of a small pellet
  5. e sustained release

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  1. within a joint
  2. more reliable than the oral method. Is advised for unconscious patients, infants, small children, and mouth-breathing patients.
  3. extended release
  4. A thick, sweet, sticky liquid, consisting of a sugar base, natural or artificial flavorings, and water.
  5. coated with thin layer of water-insoluble polymer

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  1. preservatives(medicine) cleaning a wound or body organ by flushing or washing out with water or a medicated solution


  2. pelleta small, rounded or spherical body, as of food or medicine. implantation beneath the skin example: testosterone.


  3. CRcontrolled diffusion


  4. topicala small bottle that contains a drug (especially a sealed sterile container for injection by needle)


  5. gargleInto the nose