Lord of the Flies

Mr. Williamson Fall Semester Final
physical characteristics of Ralph
fair-haired, broad shoulders, fit
physical characteristics of Jack
tall, skinny, red hair, ugly freckled face, blue eyes
what is the importance of Jack's eyes
they are used to depict his emotions
physical characteristics of Roger
dark (black) hair, gangly
physical characteristics of Simon
small, skinny, pointy chin, bright eyes, long coarse black hair,
physical characteristics of Piggy
short, very fat, wears glasses, has asthma
what is a basic timeline of events?
plane crashes on the island, Ralph meets Piggy, they find the conch, find other boys on the island, Jack Ralph and Simon explore the island, Jack is obsessed with hunting, boys hunt for a "beast", Jack splits away from Ralph and makes his own tribe, Simon get killed from the mob during a storm, boys raid, piggy gets killed, boys are rescued the next day
what suggestion does Ralph make in terms of survival and rescue?
Ralph suggests they build shelter, keep the fire going
what suggestion does Jack make in terms of survival and rescue?
Jack suggests they hunt to find food
what suggestion does Piggy make in terms of survival and rescue?
Piggy suggests they all stick together
what is the rising action
the boys assemble on island after their plane crashes. Ralph is chosen as leader over Jack. Tension grows between Ralph and Jack. Ralph is focused on building shelters, maintaining signal fire, getting rescued. Jack wants to hunt, be macho. Boys grow fearful when there is word of a beast on the island. Group splits into two groups, Ralph supporters and Jack supporters
what is the climax
Simon encounters the Lord of the Flies in the forest and realizes that the beast is not a physical creature, but something (evil) that exists in every boy on the island. Simon is killed savagely when trying to tell the others of the real beast.
what is the falling action
All the boys desert Simon and Piggy and go into further chaos. Boys (Roger) kill Piggy. Ralph runs away from Jack's tribe and is all alone
what is the resolution
Ralph finds a naval officer on the beach and the boys are rescued
what is the conflict
free from the rules that adult society formerly imposed on them, the boys stranded on the island struggle with the conflicting human instincts that exist within each of them—the instinct to work toward civilization and order, and the instinct to descend into savagery, violence, and chaos.
what are the themes
civilization vs. savagery; the loss of innocence; innate human evil
what does the conch represent
what doe the fire represent
the boys' hope of getting rescued
what does the spear represent
what does the scar represent
how humans come in and destroy beautiful things such as nature (i.e. plane crash leaves a huge mark on the island knocking down trees and destroying it's natural beauty)
what does the beast represent
the fact that every human being is savage; represents the savagery in all the boys
what does the clothing represent
represents the unity of people as the clothing is all matching
what does the mask represent
the loss of identity and Jack's new identity as a savage killer; represents war; and unleashing of evil nature; shows the boys' becoming of wild, uncivilized savages
what do Piggy's glasses represent
knowledge and innocence
what does the growing of Ralph's hair represent?
when Ralph's hair is short, fair, and clean-cut, Ralph is innocent and pure. however when Ralph's hair starts to grow out and get dirty, his innocence disappears and he becomes more savage like the rest of the boys
Chapters 7-8: What does Ralph do when the boar charges him; how does he feel about it?
When Ralph sees the boar he flings his spear at it, but misses. Although the boar gets away, Ralph is excited and wrapped up in the excitement of hunting.
Chapters 7-8: Who becomes "the pig" after the hunt?
After the hunt, the boys reenact the chase and Robert becomes the pig.
Chapters 7-8: What do you think causes the boys to act savage during the pig hunt?
the excitement and the fact that they have no one to discipline them and tell them "no" causes them to act like savages. it is also referring to the fact that it is natural human instinct to act like a savage, and being on this island enhances that instinct.
Chapters 7-8: Who does Jack suggest that they use the next time they play this game (the pig hunt); what does this reveal about him?
Jack suggests they use a littlun next time they play the game. This reveals that he is sick and savage due to the fact that they find the thought of terrorizing and putting a young child in danger exciting rather than horrifying, which shows how heartless Jack is.
What is Id?
the unconscious source of instinctive impulses that seek satisfaction
Who is the Id in Lord of the Flies?
What is superego?
the opposite of id; has a conscious; has morals and standards; is pure
Who is the Superego in Lord of the Flies?
one could argue Piggy or Simon
What is ego?
conscious part of the mind that makes realistic and logical decisions; balancing between id and superego
Who is the Ego in Lord of the Flies?
who was samneric
Samneric are the twins that are always together; chunky and vital; are often in charge of watching the signal fire; side with Ralph, but are captured in the end by Jack. Their loyalty doesn't extend as far it should; they eventually confess to Jack where Ralph is hiding before he his hunted.
who was percival
one of the smallest boys on the island; often attempts to comfort himself by repeating his name and address as a memory of home life; becomes increasingly hysterical over the course of the novel and requires comforting by the older boys; represents the domestic or familial aspects of civilization; his inability to remember his name and address upon the boys' rescue indicates the complete loss of identity and civilization in all the boys
who was maurice
during the hunters' "Kill the pig" chant, he, who is one of Jack's hunters, pretends to be a pig while the others pretend to slaughter him; when the hunters kill a pig, Jack smears blood on Maurice's face; represents the mindless masses.
who worries that there are no adults?
who wants to make rules and assign work?
Who suggests they should collect names of the kids on the island?
Who does Jack tie up and torture for an unrevealed crime?
samneric (the twins)