PS Weather3

The middle stage of storm evolution is called what?
The cloud term that means mid-level.
mph, knots, m/s (you were correct if you said any two)
Name two units wind speed is measured in
Cumulus (or more exactly, cumulonimbus! Cumulus is the only one of the three cloud types that has large rising vertically)
A thunderstorm is mainly made up of which type of cloud?
Dew Point Temperature (absolute humidity)
Degrees Celsius can be the units for temperature and what else?
Downdraft (because the cold air sinks)
When evaporation increases and cold air builds up in a thunderstorm, a what forms?
Pascal is a unit that measures what?
Cumulus (note the bubbly nature at the top)
What type of cloud is shown?
What instrument is shown?
Rising air (which is unstable and wants to continue rising) and moisture
What are the two ingredients needed for clouds and precipitation to form?
It cools (The water must take more energy to become a gas, so it steals it from the air)
When water goes from liquid to a gas, what happens to the temperature of the air around it?
Cirrostratus (cirrus wouldn't be a bad answer, because there are a lot of whispy clouds... but because there are so many, it is a full flat layer. You don't have to be perfect at naming cloud combo names, but need to understand cirrus, stratus, and cumulus very well)
What is full name of the cloud shown (this is looking mostly straight up)?