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plan, organize, planned arrangement of visual elements to construct on organized visual presentation
What does it happens by design mean?
It was planned
What does art seek through the design process?
visual solutions
What are the 3 parts of the design/creative process?
thinking, looking, doing
an element of design that communicates an idea or meaning beyond that of its literal form
when referring to objects, it is the shape & structure of a thing; referring to 2D artworks the visual aspect of composition, structure & the work as a whole
an idea conveyed through the artwork that implies the subject matter, story or info the artist communicates to the viewer
a religious image meant to embody the actual qualities of the depicted saint; a symbol or sign especially one the visual world are corrected
a simple pictorial sign or group of signs intended to communicate w/o words
generative design
new area of design where algorithms are taken from natural models such as the branching structure of a tree & the numerical data generates forms for design solutions
artifacts & objects
a prevailing or commonplace style in a specific geographical location, group of people, or time period
the artist's changes or corrections sometimes evident as traces in the surface, from Italian imply artist repents
a process of criticism for the purpose of evaluating and improving art & design; increase examination of the project's successes & shortcomings (description, analysis, interpretation)
a picture created to clarify or accompany a text
a branch of philosophy concerned with the beautiful in art and how the viewer experiences it
a measure of the attributes and relationships of an artwork or design
a subjective conclusion regarding the meaning, implication, or effect of an artwork or design
a sign or image that is taken to be an easily recognized symbol representing a company or organization
the content of an artwork
True or False: Art seeks visual solutions in what is often called the "rules" process.
Art seeks visual solutions in what process?
Design or Awakening Process
Why are the arts called a creative field?
There are no predetermined correct answers to the problems.
True or False: Content implies subject matter; form is the elements and principles of design.
List the 3 simple activities that the majority of creative people use to jump start their process.
Thinking, Looking & Doing
Identify a good way to get started in solving a design problem.
Understand the problem, Think about the problem, Think about the solution
What does form follow function mean?
The purpose defines the object and efficiency is obvious.
True or False: The process of looking includes observing both nature and human artifacts.
True or False: Studying art from all periods, regions, and cultures introduces you to a wealth of visual creations that equip you to discover your own solutions to design problems.
T or F: If we examine artwork we often discover pentimenti or traces of the artist's revision.
What are thinking, looking and doing?
Part of the working process, design process etc.
Visual communication could also be described as what?
a way of making sense of things people see, interact w/ or perceive in their environment.
interior design
the creation of interior environments that support the function, aesthetics and cultures of those who inhabit it
works jointly to solve a problem
Unity is also known as?
Another term for harmony is?
Composition is also known as?
One of the most important aspects of visual unity
the whole must predominate over the parts. You much first see the whole pattern before you notice the individual elements.
visual perception
the impulse to form a visual whole out of a collection of parts
T or F: An easy way to gain unity is by proximity, simply placing elements close together.
T or F: Continuation mean s that our eye searches for a break in unity.
What happens to a composition without unity?
It becomes chaotic & quickly unreadable
similar to unity, a congruity or agreement exists among elects in a design
an image suggestive of the appearance of an object that exists
a color scheme using only one hue w/ varying degrees of value or intensity
the overall arrangement and organization of visual elements on the 2D surface
an artwork created by assembling and posting a variety of materials onto a 2D surface
the style size and weight of a typeface
the study of the theory of visual psychology (perception studies)
the degree of closeness in the placement of elements
something that simply repeats in various parts of the design to relate the parts to each other
the visual relationship b/t two or more individual designs
an element of design based on the repetition of recurrent motifs
the degree of agreement existing among the elects in a design
negative space
unoccupied area or empty space surrounding the objects or figures in a composition
interior design
a rewarding field that is multi-faceted; combines making spaces aesthetically pleasing along with solving a client's problem or conceived problem with their environment. It can be simplified into a business practice that uses art to fulfill human needs.
Describe how interior design is similar to other professional services:
having clients or customers, having to sell your ideas, business & book keeping etc., also meeting customer's needs
Describe how interior design is different to other professional services:
creativity, having to use art to capture your ideas and the desires of the customer
What three needs is interior design the only profession to specialize in the creation of interior places to meet these needs?
The three needs an interior designer needs to specialize in are rest and renewal regarding the home, productivity and efficiency regarding home and work, finally entertainment, healing, education, and inspiration regarding both home, work and any other environments.
What is a knowledge economy?
Investing in intangible assets as leadership management and human skills such as the ability to design
Give an example showing how interior designers impact global
value through product specification
Interior Designers can influence and impact the world by specifying certain products such as using renewable materials rather than a tropical wood
What is defined in the International Federation of Interior
Architects/Designers (IFI)—Interiors Declaration?
The IFI Interior declaration defines the value, relevance, responsibility, culture, knowledge, business and identity of interior architecture/interior design.
Name three cultural differences in a home that designers should
understand that may influence design preferences
-location of where individuals sleep
-amount of space needed to perform a kitchen task
-meaning and symbolism of color usage
Contrast socially responsible design with socially beneficial
Socially beneficial design concerns the way problems and needs are defined, how a solution for that problem is developed and how the solution is implemented. However, socially responsible design says that designers have a responsibility to effect real change in the world through better design for all people.
In contrast to residential design projects, why do commercial
interior design projects often occur regardless of national economic
Need a different way to use a vacant space, interior designers can rethink possible uses of a space that the initial purpose no longer has a market demand for. Budget allocations for a commercial building may happen over a period of a few years.
What are three ways that make the value of interior design compelling?
• How well the spaces function for whom they are designed.
• How well someone feels in a well-designed interior space.
• In a way, it shapes spaces that reassure people they matter.
What are three ways the value of interior design affects you?
• Behaviors (or actions)
• Feelings
• Perceptions
Contrast the human needs of territoriality and privacy. Give a personal example of each.
• Territorial is the need to show ownership, and claiming what is yours- while privacy is having that mutual understanding between one another and being able to control it. For instance, I would be territorial over my phone because it has value and meaning to me, and to get that across I would have to be able to control who has it and who can see what is on it, etc. That also falls in the line of privacy.
How can interior designers help support peoples' need for nature and add value to the profession?
• Connecting people with nature brings them closer to it and helps them feel less trapped while at work, or in a doctors office, etc. Being an Interior Designer, you being able to bring light and the outside world to them, gives them back that connection with the outside world
Name three ways that a well-designed space maximizes real estate and supports business and economic value.
• Efficient space planning
• Appropriate levels of natural and electric light
• Incorporation of safe and appropriate designs and materials that protect human health and safety
On the local level, how can interior designers save their clients money while increasing efficiency and productivity in the workplace?
• Bring design thinking to your project. Design thinking is an active practice that develops in the proper environment and causes you to look at the world with evolving potential and probable possibilities.
• Save money by doing it right the first time
• Save time by completing the legwork
• Capitalize on what the client already owns
• Access design products, custom materials, reputable contractors, and craftspeople
• Manage and coordinate work, contractors, and job details
• Enhance spaces that invite repeat business.