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  1. Paracas
  2. Palenque
  3. Moche
  4. La Venta
  5. San Lorenzo
  1. a The site of a major ceremonial complex for the culture in #2
  2. b Their culture began on the northern coast of Peru around 1 A.D.; they had no written language but did build cities and irrigation canals; like the Mesopotamians they built mud-brick buildings; they built pyramids to bury their kings like the Egyptians; their pyramids include the 525' tall Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon; they had advanced crafts and metalworking; they practiced human sacrifice
  3. c After the collapse of San Lorenzo; this site became the center of the Olmec civilization until it, and the civilization, collapsed around 400 B.C.
  4. d They mummified their dead and made art that could only be fully seen from the air
  5. e The Maya built yet another ceremonial center at this site

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  1. This star-gazing superstition guided the Mayans in deciding which rival city-states to attack
  2. Courtyards were built for games involving these objects; it is probable that either the winners or losers of games played with these became human sacrifices; trees needed to produce this were common to Mesoamerica
  3. The peninsula where the Maya lived.
  4. He built the Copán Acropolis, one of the last major accomplishments of the Mayans; he married a princess from Palenque
  5. The development of this technology allowed better timing of planting and had important religious significance; the Maya computed this through 2012 A.D.

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  1. NazcaThis Central American culture began around 1 A.D.; their classical period lasted from 300 to 900 A.D.; they developed astronomy, a calendar, and hieroglyphic writing; they built step-pyramids and terraced cities laid out in neat grids; they practiced human sacrifice


  2. Tikal"Known as the ""Sun Shield,"" this king ruled the city-state of Palenque for 68 years and built a palace, pyramid, and temple; he died in 683 A.D."


  3. teosinteThe Maya built a ceremonial center at this site


  4. TeotihuacanMaize was descended from this grassy plant


  5. ChavinThe Maya built another ceremonial center at this site


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