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Freshman English 6 Relationships Vocabulary


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Your husband or wife's mother

Some people have a bad relationship with their __________, but my husband's mother is very kind.
Your sister's son/ your brother's son

All of my younger relatives are girls, so I have many nieces but no __________.
The woman someone used to be married to

I have a good relationship with my __________ and see our daughter every weekend.
The woman your father married after your mother (because of divorce or mother's death)

Ten years after my mother died, my father married again, and we have a new __________.
The person you are in a romantic relationship with for a long time/ living with. Can also be for same sex relationships.

At the party, I met John's _________ Lou. They have been living together for six years but they are not interested in getting married.
The man you are engaged to marry, but are not married to yet

John is not my husband, but he is my __________ - he asked me to marry him last week!
The woman you are engaged to marry, but are not married to yet

This is my __________, Jane. We are getting married next summer.
Great-grandma/ great-grandmother
Your grandmother's mother

My __________ will be 100 next year, and she is still healthy and active.
The man your mother married after your father (because of divorce or father's death)

My father was an angry man and sometimes violent to me and my mother, but my __________ is a kind man who loves my mother deeply.
The man someone used to be married to

My __________ got married again recently, but his new wife is thirty years younger than him! Now I know why he divorced me...
Working with a lot of effort

He is a __________ student, and he always gets high scores in TOEFL.
Spending time with this person is amusing and enjoyable

She is really _______ to be with - she always has great stories and she loves to laugh.
The ability to wait, or put up with a difficult situation, or continue doing something despite difficulties

She is always complaining about something - she isn't a very __________ person.
Your sister's daughter/ your brother's daughter

My brother has two daughters, and I often play with them on the weekends. I love my __________s!
Your husband or wife's father

My __________ is very kind to my wife, and I sometimes think he's kinder than my father!
Great-grandpa/ great-grandfather
Your grandfather's father

My __________ died when my father was young, so I never had the chance to meet him.
Someone who is quiet, thoughtful, and doesn't laugh often.

I like her a lot, but sometimes I wish she would be more open and fun. She studies so hard and seems so __________.
Someone who doesn't talk about their feelings or show them easily.

Elena is quite friendly, but I never know about her feelings or her private life. She's very __________.
Usually relaxed and calm, not easily worried or upset.

I thought Jenny would be upset or angry when her boyfriend forgot about their date, but she just went to karaoke alone and had a good time. She's so __________.
Feeling sure about yourself and your abilities, having confidence

I usually get good grades for my homework but I don't think I am a good student. I'm not a __________ person.
Good at thinking of new ideas and making new things

She loves drawing and playing music, and always has such interesting ideas - she's so __________.
Always liking and supporting someone/ something

Eve is very __________ to her friends and always supports them, even when other people don't.
Relaxed, not easily worried or frightened

When I started dating Lady Gaga, my brother wasn't shocked at all - he's always so __________.
Friendly, talks a lot and enjoys meeting people

Janet is shy but her sister is so __________ - she loves going to parties and always talks to everybody.
Happy and willing to help

I really love that cafe because the staff are so ________ - they taught me the recipe for my favourite cake and even wrote it down for me!
Having strong feelings

Although she seems quiet, she is a nurse who is very __________ about her job.
Angry and violent (negative meaning)

It's OK to disagree, but please don't give your opinions in an __________ way.
Able to understand what people are feeling and not to upset them/ easily upset

I want to marry a man who is kind and _________ to my feelings.
Behaving like a younger person

Although my girlfriend is older than me, she's quite ________ - she doesn't think seriously about the future.
Always thinking that good things will happen

Ken broke up with his girlfriend, but every time he leaves the house he thinks he will meet a new one! He's so __________.
Easily annoyed by others' mistakes or because you have to wait

I looked after my nephew last weekend and tried to read with him, but he kept making mistakes and I got angry. I shouldn't be so __________.
Doesn't have much experience of bad things in life

I can't believe she lied to me! She has such an __________ face and personality!
Organised/ Organized
Able to plan carefully and keep their space tidy

I forgot two piece of homework this week! I need to be more __________.
Brother or sister

He's an only child - he doesn't have any ________.
A young person who is between a child and an adult

People often have some emotional troubles when they are __________.
A person who has stopped working due to old age.

My mother is __________, but she has many hobbies so she is still very busy.
Grow up
To change from child to adult.

I was born in Tokyo but ______ ______ in Chiba.
Bring (someone) up
To care for and educate a child

Tom __________ __________ Jerry like he was his own child.
Look after (someone)
To take care of

I always ______ ______ my brother in the evenings because my parents come home late.
Look up to (someone)
Respect and admire

I ________ _________ ________ my high school maths teacher because she helped everyone to understand difficult ideas kindly.
Feel sorry for (someone)
To feel bad for someone because their life is difficult or unfair

I _______ ________ ________ my mother because she has to do so much work around the house and nobody helps her!
Play (someone) up
Behave badly

One time I _______ my mother _______ by hiding her keys in the morning - she got so angry!
Afford (to do something)
Have enough money to do something

I want to study abroad but I can't _________ it.
Spend ages ~ing
Spend a long time ~ing

I used to _________ _________ playing video games with my brother.
Get in touch (with someone)
Start contact again after not speaking for some time.

I was so happy when my old high school friend suddenly __________ __________ __________ last year!
Keep in touch (with someone)
Continue contact

SNS, Facetime and messaging apps allow us to __________ __________ __________ with people we haven't seen in a long time.
Lose touch (with someone)
Have no more contact

I stayed friends with my ex-boyfriend, but when I moved to another city we slowly __________ __________.
Catch up (with someone)
Find out what has happened since the last time you spoke

I see my high school friends every time I go back to my hometown, and we spend hours ________ing __________.
Get on (with someone)
Have a good relationship with someone

I __________ __________ well with all my family members, but I'm closest to my brother.
Fall out (with someone)
Stop being friends after an argument (short or long time)

I _________ ________ with a good friend from high school, and although I wanted to be friends again she wouldn't speak to me!
Go out (with someone)
Have a romantic, loving relationship

They have been _______ing __________ for six years now. They're such a cute couple!
Split up (with someone)
End a loving relationship

That couple ________ ________ but they're still living together - it must be hard for them!