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Proper technique for delivering mouth-to-mouth ventilation.

1. Hold victims airway open with head tilt chin lift.
2. Pinch the nose closed with thumb and index finger.
3. Take a regular breath to seal your lips around their mouth.
4. Give 1 breath
5. Watch for chest to rise.

Within how many seconds after recognition of cardiac arrest in adults, must you start compression?


In the presence of an advanced airway, what is the correct compression & ventilation rate for 2-resuer CPR?

Compression 100/min
1 breath every 6 to 8 seconds
Do not stop compression to give breath.

What ventilation device/ techique is not recommended for a single resuer to provide breaths during CPR?

Bag Mask

To reduce fatigue, compressor roles should be switched about every__ cycles?


True or False: Minimizing interruptions in chest compressions is a characteristic of high quality CPR.


Where should a rescuer attempt to palpate the brachial pulse in and infant?

Inside upper arm

If a victim of FBAO becomes unresponsive, the rescuer sends someone to activate EMS and immediately starts....?

Chest compressions

When would be apporiate to move a victim who needs CPR?

Only if they are in a dangerous environment.

Why is it important to compress to the appropriate depth during CPR?

Makes the heart as a pump for blood to flow

The proper compression rate for victim of all ages is at least __ compressions per minute.


A victim who is unresponsive with no normal breathing and no pulse needs what?

Chest compression

When using a bag-mask device for a child who is not breathing but does have have a pulse, the rescuer should give breaths at the rate of 1 breath every __

3-5 seconds

Gastric inflation is more likely to occur if the rescuer:

Breaths to quickly or to hard

What is the preferred chest compression technique for 2 rescuer CPR in an infant?

2 thumb-encircling hands technique

Correct depth of chest compressions for a child is?

1 1/2 inch (1/3 depth)

Compression to ventilation ratio for 1 rescuer Child CPR is?


Compression to ventilation ratio for 2 rescuer Adult CPR is?


Compression to ventilation ratio for 1 rescuer infant CPR is?


Interruptions in chest compressions should be limited to less than __ seconds


True or False: The rescuer should deliver a shock with an AED after the AED advises a shock, charge, and prompts the rescuer to push the shock button.


True or False: Compressing at a depth of at least 2 inches, is a characteristic of high-quality CPR in adults.


True or False: If an AED is used for a child less than 8 yea of age, adult pads/dose may be used if pediatric pads/dose attenuator are not available.


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