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  1. ATP
  2. homeostasis
  3. neutron
  4. mitochondria
  5. light independent reaction
  1. a 1CO2 + RUBP ;
    the dark phase begins when the NADPH2 puts the H2 in the CO2 to make CH2O
  2. b ADP (P ~ P) + P = P~P~P
  3. c regulation and maintenance of constant internal conditions in an organism
  4. d bean-shaped organelle that supplies energy to the cell and has its own ribosomes and DNA
  5. e neutral charged particle

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  1. group of organisms so similar to one another that they can breed and produce fertile offspring
  3. ...
  4. A formula giving the proportions of the elements present in a compound but not the actual numbers or arrangement of atoms
  5. movement of molecules across the cell membrane undergoing an immune response

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  1. organicloose combination of DNA and proteins that is present during interphase


  2. polarThe amount of space that a substance or object occupies


  3. cytoskeletonprocess by which the cell cytoplasm divides


  4. autotrophorganism that obtains its energy from abiotic sources, such as sunlight or inorganic chemicals


  5. vacuoleorganelle that is used to store materials, such as water, food, or enzymes, that are needed by the cell