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  1. tissue
  2. NAD
  3. light independent reaction
  4. phospholipid bilayer
  5. glycolysis
  1. a anaerobic process which glucose is broken down into 2 molecules of pyruvate and 2 net ATP are produced
  2. b 1CO2 + RUBP ;
    the dark phase begins when the NADPH2 puts the H2 in the CO2 to make CH2O
  3. c The two layers of phospholipids arranged in such a way that their hydrophobic tails are projecting inwards while their polar head groups are projecting on the outside surfaces
  4. d group of cells that work together to perform a similar function
  5. e NADPH; NADPH2

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  1. molecule that forms a double-layer cell membrane; consists of a glycerol, a phosphate group, and 2 fatty acids
  2. bean-shaped organelle that supplies energy to the cell and has its own ribosomes and DNA
  3. organelle that inks animo acids together to form protein
  4. process by which light energy is converted to chemical energy; produces sugar and oxygen from carbon dioxide and water
  5. chemical bond formed through the electrical force between oppositely charged ions

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  1. photolysisThe decomposition or separation of molecules by the action of light.


  2. G1cell growth and normal functions


  3. hypotonicsolution that has a higher concentration of dissolved particles compared with another solution


  4. flagellanegatively charged particle


  5. homeostasisprogrammed cell death