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  1. empirical formula
  2. chemiosmosis
  3. thylakoid membrane
  4. light independent reaction
  5. prophase
  1. a chromosomes condense and spindle fibers form
  2. b A formula giving the proportions of the elements present in a compound but not the actual numbers or arrangement of atoms
  3. c membrane-bound structure within chloroplasts that contains chlorophyll and other light-absorbing pigments used in the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis
  4. d 1CO2 + RUBP ;
    the dark phase begins when the NADPH2 puts the H2 in the CO2 to make CH2O
  5. e diffusion of ions across a selectively-permeable membrane

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  1. neutral charged particle
  2. The straight line joining the two points at which tangents from a fixed point touch a conic section.
  3. small cylinder-shaped organelle made of protein tubes arranged in a circle; aids mitosis
  4. substance made of atoms of different elements that are bonded together in a particular ratio
  5. condition or factor that is manipulated by a scientist during an experiment

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  1. carcinogencommon name for a class of diseases characterized by uncontrolled cell division


  2. steroidshort hairlike structures that cover come or all of the cell surface and help the organism swim and capture food


  3. dependent variablecondition or factor that is manipulated by a scientist during an experiment


  4. molecule2 or more atoms held together by covalent bonds not necessarily a compound


  5. totipotentable to do many different things