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  1. ADP
  2. microfilament
  3. endoplasmic reticulum
  4. Krebs Cycle/Citric acid cycle
  5. organism
  1. a P ~ P
  2. b present in numbers in the cytoplasm of many eukaryotic cells
  3. c interconnected network of thin, folded membranes that produce, process, and distribute proteins
  4. d aerobic respiration
  5. e any individual living thing

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  1. basic unit of life
  2. additional growth
  3. diffusion of ions across a selectively-permeable membrane
  4. combines with water
  5. cancerous tumor in which cells break away and spread to other parts of the body, causing harm to the organisms's health

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  1. metaphasechromosomes line up in the middle of the cell


  2. nucleusquantity of matter an object contains (weight)


  3. metastasizeto spread by transferring a disease-causing agent form the site of the disease to other parts if the body


  4. chlorophylllong, continuous thread of DNA that consists of numerous genes and regulatory information


  5. telophasechromosomes line up in the middle of the cell