US History Unit 7 test 1

All of the following were effects of the Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression EXCEPT:
A. Prohibition abolished
B. Bank foreclosures
C. Thousands of business bankrupted
D. High unemployment
Prohibition is the exception
All of the following were causes of the Stock Market Crash and the Great Depression EXCEPT:
A. Overproduction of domestic goods
B. Speculation in the Stock Market
C. Less demand for manufactured goods
D. Underproduction of domestic goods
D. Underproduction of domestic goods
Which industry had the most influence in changing Americans' social habits by the end of the 1920's?
Why did Prohibition fail?
many Americans believed the law
interfered with their personal freedom.
In promising a return to "normalcy," President Harding was indicating:
turning away from Europe and away from the
programs of the Progressive Era.
Which of the following best describes the administrations of Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge? The
business of the American people is business!
The conclusion of the Sacco and Vanzetti trial suggested that:
many Americans had an unreasonable fear of radicals and foreigners.
One of the characteristics of the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920's was:
the accomplishments of African-American artists, poets, and writers who expressed their pride in being black.
One of the effects of the radio was that:
Americans began developing a national culture
The most urgent task facing President Roosevelt in 1933 was:
creating jobs for the unemployed
Alcohol prohibition is to this amendment:: as the repeal of the prohibition movement is to this amendment::
Upon taking office, President Roosevelt's first 100 days accomplished:
the passing of over 25 major pieces of New Deal legislation.
The purpose of President's Roosevelt's first fireside chat in 1933 was to:
rally public support for the government and the banking system.
The Harlem Renaissance was
time when African Americans:
expressed pride in African American culture and identity
In calling shantytowns "Hoovervilles", people expressed their:
disgust with Hoover
Hoover's political life ended as a result of the:
U.S. Army attacking the Bonus Army in Washington D.C.
Hoover's pledge of 'a chicken in every pot' promised:
continued spread of prosperity
The most enduring change that occurred in United States banking during the administration of Franklin Roosevelt was the:
federal insurance of bank deposits.
This was created to protect workers from unfair labor practices? It allowed workers to organize themselves into labor unions and engage in collective bargaining:
The Wagner Act
What did the Tennessee Valley Authority provide?
hydroelectic power to isolated regions in the southeast, provided jobs and provided flood control
The three original programs of Social Security included all of the following EXCEPT that to:

A maintain state-operated unemployment insurance programs.
B ensure against poverty in old age.
C provide job security for government employees.
D subsidize welfare programs of the states.
provide job security for government employees.
During the years of the Great Depression and the New Deal, African Americans received support from the White House through the support of this advisor to the Roosevelt Administration:
Eleanor Roosevelt