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  1. Tu le fais exprès?
  2. (il n'y a) pas de quoi
  3. Il/elle m'a traité(e) de...!
  4. le/la benjamin(e)
  5. Je prendrais bien...
  1. a He/she called me a ...!
  2. b Are you doing that on purpose?
  3. c the youngest child
  4. d It's nothing
  5. e I'd like some...

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  1. I'm always the one who gets blamed!
  2. I'm happy to see you
  3. give me...
  4. Oh, cut that out!
  5. Thank you very much

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  1. la petite-fillegranddaughter


  2. Vous auriez...?Would you have...?


  3. C'est toujours la même chose!It's always the same!


  4. le/la cadet(te)the younger child


  5. Casse-toi!Get out of here!