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  1. Vestigial Structures
  2. Mutation
  3. Crossing Over
  4. Temporal Isolation
  5. Interbreeding
  1. a Breeding of animals or plants of different races and varieties.
  2. b process in which homologous chromosomes exchange portions of their chromatids during meiosis.
  3. c Any change in a sequence of DNA.
  4. d Two or more species reproduce at different times.
  5. e Structures with no function, remnants of organisms past. EX: humans appendix(useless)

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  1. Genetic makeup of an organism.
  2. Process or act of exchanges of genes between chromosomes, resulting in a different genetic combo.
  3. Causes by independent assortment and crossing over.
  4. process by which organisms best suited to their environmental conditions are most likely to survive and reproduce-known as survival of the fittest.
  5. Principle that each living species has descended with changes from other species over time.

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  1. FossilsPreserved remains or evidence of an ancient organism.


  2. EmbryologyStudy or the embryo(s)


  3. EvolutionChange over time and the process by which modern organisms have descended from ancient organisms.


  4. Polygenic TraitsTrait controlled by two or more genes.


  5. PhenotypePhysical characteristics of an organism.