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  1. name for the division of the cytoplasm
  2. phase in which chromosomes condense
  3. chromosomes that code for the same traits
  4. number of strands of DNA in one chromosome during prophase
  5. phases of mitosis
  1. a prophase
  2. b homologous
  3. c two
  4. d cytokinesis
  5. e prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase

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  1. G1, S, G2 phases
  2. microtubules
  3. anaphase
  4. cells that become sperm or eggs
  5. diploid cells

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  1. significance of S-phase of interphasechromatin


  2. process by which a cell divides into cells with half the number of chromosomesmeiosis


  3. longest phase in the cell life cycleanaphase


  4. phases when cytokinesis is occuringanaphase


  5. definition of mitosisdivision of the nucleus of a cell