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  1. phase in interphase when proteins and enzymes needed for cell division are made
  2. number of centrioles in a centrosome
  3. mitotic spindle is made of these protein structures
  4. cells that contain homologous chromosomes (two of each)
  5. part of chromosome where spindle fibers attach
  1. a microtubules
  2. b G2 phase
  3. c two
  4. d centromere
  5. e diploid cells

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  1. anaphase
  2. metaphase
  3. 46
  4. meiosis
  5. anaphase and telophase

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  1. place on a chromosome where two DNA strands joincentromere


  2. phase in which chromosomes condenseprophase


  3. phases of mitosisG1, S, G2 phases


  4. significance of S-phase of interphaseG1, S, G2 phases


  5. phase during which the nuclear membrane reformstelophase


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