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  1. phases of mitosis
  2. phases of interphase
  3. significance of S-phase of interphase
  4. examples of cells that undergo meiosis
  5. chromosomes that code for the same traits
  1. a cells that become sperm or eggs
  2. b homologous
  3. c doubling of DNA
  4. d prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase
  5. e G1, S, G2 phases

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  1. centromere
  2. prophase
  3. two
  4. telophase
  5. red blood cell, sperm, neuron, cardiac muscle cell

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  1. form of DNA in interphaseG1, S, G2 phases


  2. phase when the sister chromatids migrate to opposite ends of the cellmetaphase


  3. phase when centromeres line up along the middle of the cellanaphase


  4. process by which a cell divides into cells with half the number of chromosomescells that become sperm or eggs


  5. name for the division of the cytoplasmcytokinesis