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  1. phase in interphase when proteins and enzymes needed for cell division are made
  2. form of DNA in interphase
  3. phases of mitosis
  4. phases of interphase
  5. definition of mitosis
  1. a G2 phase
  2. b G1, S, G2 phases
  3. c division of the nucleus of a cell
  4. d prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase
  5. e chromatin

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  1. centromere
  2. diploid cells
  3. homologous
  4. 46
  5. anaphase

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  1. number of strands of DNA in one chromosome during prophasetwo


  2. phase when centromeres line up along the middle of the cellanaphase


  3. process by which a cell divides into cells with half the number of chromosomesmeiosis


  4. mitotic spindle is made of these protein structuresmicrotubules


  5. number of centrioles in a centrosometwo