18 terms

Water Cycle, Ground water, rivers and Streams

what is the three parts of the water cycle
precipitation, condensation, transpiration/evaporation
what is precipitation
some type of water/ gas going down to the ground
what is condensation
forming clouds to precipiatation
what is transpiration/ evaporation
it is when water vapor going up into the air
how do rivers and streams form
water traveling to a puddle to a little stream to a little river to a big river
how do rivers and streams erode
water and chemicals smaching again stream
what is dissolved
molecule level, dissolved between between water molecule
what is suspended
small particle of sand, silt, clay
what is bed
small stones or pebbles carried along between
what is porosity
percentage of open space in a rock or sediment
what is permeability
ease with which water flows through the open spaces in a rock/ sediment
what is well
it must be penetrate into highly around level under ground
what is spring
perched water table interests the around surface is likely to flow
what is cone of depression
lower area of water table
what causes cone of depression
may drop to the bottom of the well from large amounts of water crashes
what is sinkhole
circular depression casued when the roof of a cavern
what is stalactite
deposit suspended from the ceiling of a cavern
what is stalagmite
deposit built up from the floor of a cavern