Books 9-13

artisans (n.)
a worker in a skilled trade, a crafts person
suppliant (n.)
a humble petitioner to an authoritative figure
fathom (adj.)
a measure of length equal to 6 feet
libation (n.)
a liquid poured out and drunk in honor of the gods
ambrosia (n.)
food and drinks of the gods, similar to nectar, very pleasing to the senses
sumptuous (adj.)
extremely costly, rich, luxurious, magnificent
potent (adj.)
having great influence, power, or effect
intrigue (n.)
a secret scheme to trick or fool
malinger (v.)
to pretend or exaggerate incapacity or illness as to avoid duty or work
haggard (adj.)
looking exhausted or unwell esp. from worrying or suffering
sere (adj.)
being dried and withered
supplication (n.)
the act of making a humble request
desolate (adj.)
disconsolate, sorrowful through separation/neglect; bleak, dismal
moldering (v.)
crumbling into particles; decay, disintegrate
invoked (v.)
to summon a spirit or a god
pyre (n.)
a pile of a combustible material used for the ritual burning of a body
wraith (n.)
an apparition of a dead person; a phantom or ghost
array (n.)
arrangement in line or ranks; procession
august (adj.)
impressing the emotion or imagination as magnificent; respected, impressive
lineage (n.)
descent from an ancestor; ancestry, pedigree
magnanimous (adj.)
very generous or forgiving esp. towards a rival or someone less powerful than oneself
a rock fortification
cortege (n.)
a solemn procession esp. for a funeral
exploits (n.)
an exciting action; adventurous, heroic
ignominious (adj.)
shameful, disgraceful, humiliation
abyss (n.)
a bottomless chasm; unfathomable
riven (v.)
(rive) to tear apart
angler (n.)
a person who fishes with a rod and line
brimstone (n.)
sulfur for burning
vortex (n.)
a whirl or swirling mass of water; a strong eddy or whirlpool
levies (n.)
the action of collecting a tax; taxation
ardent (adj.)
intently eager, zealous, passionate
fallow (adj.)
a plowed field left uncropped in order to regain the nutrients
convoy (n.)
a party of sips escorting unharmed vessels for protection
hale (adj.)
safe, healthy, unhurt
comply (v.)
to conform or adapt as required or requested
trove (n.)
a valuable find or source of treasure
salutations (n.)
an expression of greeting or good will bu gesture or sound
tactician (n.)
one employing available means to accomplish an end
ignoble (adj.)
baseness (unrefined, no social manner); lawness
holy or sacred