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  1. The most abundant element in the Sun?
  2. Sun Spot Cycle
  3. Areas around sun spots are extremely...
  4. Chromosphere
  5. Sun Equilibrium:
  1. a When inward Gravitational Force is balanced by outward Pressure.
    *Gravity wants the sun to collapse in
    *Pressure from hot gas pulls sun outwards
    *True for every star- guarantees stability
  2. b active!
  3. c Transition from Photosphere to Corona
  4. d 11 year period during which the # of sunspots rise and fall
    *The high point in the cycle=largest corona
  5. e Hydrogen

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  1. Transfers radiation from nuclear fusion outward through RADIATION
  2. Spicules
  3. What elements are present, but only in Chromosphere and Photosphere
  4. Cool spots that emerge from beneath the sun's surface.

    *appear darker because they are cooler (but are still very hot)
    *They are complex and magnetic
    *Come and go in pairs
    *Linked by magnetic field lines
    *Shift polarity every 11 years
  5. Because its very large

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  1. What do mathematic models provide us with?Info of the Sun's interior


  2. Coronal Mass EjectionHoles in the corona from which solar wind escapes


  3. CoreHot atmosphere around the Sun

    *Visible only during total solar eclipse, when both the photosphere and the chromosphere are obscured by the Moon.
    *B/C its so hot, must have internal heat source (electromag interaction?)


  4. Layers of the Sun? (inner to outer)Because its very large


  5. What's weird about the temperature of the Sun as you move outward?The core is super hot, but it gets cooler until you reach the transition zone, where the temperature suddenly increases dramatically!