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  1. The numbers of sunspots and their activity peak about every:
  2. Areas around sun spots are extremely...
  3. Compared to the underlying chromosphere, the temperature of the corona is:
  4. The Sun has a _________ rotation of _____ days
  5. What happens to the Sun's magnetic field lines due to rotation?
  1. a *differential (inner spins faster than outer)
    *27 days
  2. b Eleven years
  3. c Much hotter!!
  4. d Field lines twist and break, creating heat as solar storms
  5. e active!

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  1. Shorter: Flares
    Longer: Prominences
    Smaller: Flates
    Bigger: Prominences
    More Violent: Flares
  2. The visible surface of the Sun. Creates visible light!
  3. Hydrogen fusion
  4. Large explosion on the surface of the sun when hot gas breaks free of the magnetic field
    * emits energy
    *lasts only seconds, unlike longer prominences (but smaller and more violent)
    *can knock out electricity
  5. Transfers radiation from nuclear fusion outward through CONVECTION

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  1. The part of the Sun we actually see is called:the Photosphere


  2. Traveling OUTWARD from the surface, the main regions of the solar atmosphere are the _______, the _______, and the ________.Chromosphere
    Transition Zone


  3. LuminosityTotal energy radiated by the Sun. NOT BRIGHTNESS!


  4. Coronal Holes:Hot atmosphere around the Sun

    *Visible only during total solar eclipse, when both the photosphere and the chromosphere are obscured by the Moon.
    *B/C its so hot, must have internal heat source (electromag interaction?)


  5. Sun Equilibrium:The time in the sun spot cycle where there are few (if any) sun spots


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