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  1. Solar Storms emit what?
  2. Compared to the underlying chromosphere, the temperature of the corona is:
  3. Sun Equilibrium:
  4. Solar Constant
  5. Convection Zone
  1. a Much hotter!!
  2. b Spicules
  3. c When inward Gravitational Force is balanced by outward Pressure.
    *Gravity wants the sun to collapse in
    *Pressure from hot gas pulls sun outwards
    *True for every star- guarantees stability
  4. d The amount of the Sun's energy reaching earth. "C"
  5. e Transfers radiation from nuclear fusion outward through CONVECTION

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  1. The core is super hot, but it gets cooler until you reach the transition zone, where the temperature suddenly increases dramatically!
  2. Large solar storms that blast out a cloud of a billion solar wind particles
  3. Transition from Photosphere to Corona
  4. Short-lived narrow jets of gas that last only minutes
  5. active!

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  1. The part of the Sun we actually see is called:the Photosphere


  2. Temperature:The measurement of average kinetic energy in molecules. NOT HEAT!


  3. BELOW the solar surface, in order of increasing depth, lie the ______ zone, the ______ zone, and the ______.Convection


  4. Traveling OUTWARD from the surface, the main regions of the solar atmosphere are the _______, the _______, and the ________.Chromosphere
    Transition Zone


  5. The primary source of energy for the Sun is:Hydrogen fusion