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  1. The most abundant element in the Sun?
  2. Areas around sun spots are extremely...
  3. BELOW the solar surface, in order of increasing depth, lie the ______ zone, the ______ zone, and the ______.
  4. The Sun has a _________ rotation of _____ days
  5. What do mathematic models provide us with?
  1. a Hydrogen
  2. b active!
  3. c Convection
  4. d Info of the Sun's interior
  5. e *differential (inner spins faster than outer)
    *27 days

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  1. 11 year period during which the # of sunspots rise and fall
    *The high point in the cycle=largest corona
  2. Field lines twist and break, creating heat as solar storms
  3. Cool spots that emerge from beneath the sun's surface.

    *appear darker because they are cooler (but are still very hot)
    *They are complex and magnetic
    *Come and go in pairs
    *Linked by magnetic field lines
    *Shift polarity every 11 years
  4. The visible surface of the Sun. Creates visible light!
  5. Transition from Photosphere to Corona

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  1. Solar WindLarge explosion on the surface of the sun when hot gas breaks free of the magnetic field
    * emits energy
    *lasts only seconds, unlike longer prominences (but smaller and more violent)
    *can knock out electricity


  2. Spectral Analysis can tell us...Large solar storms that blast out a cloud of a billion solar wind particles


  3. Which is faster, radiation or convection?Transfers radiation from nuclear fusion outward through RADIATION


  4. Sun Equilibrium:The time in the sun spot cycle where there are few (if any) sun spots


  5. Second most abundant element in the Sun ?Helium