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  1. Why is the Sun not very dense?
  2. Solar Constant
  3. Photosphere
  4. Layers of the Sun? (inner to outer)
  5. What are spicules?
  1. a 1) Core
    2) Radiation Zone
    3) Convection Zone
    4) Photosphere
    5) Chromosphere
    ---6) Transition Zone---
    7) Corona

    "Cool Rad Converse Pad Chris' Toe, Cool!"
  2. b The visible surface of the Sun. Creates visible light!
  3. c The amount of the Sun's energy reaching earth. "C"
  4. d Because its very large
  5. e Short-lived narrow jets of gas that last only minutes

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  1. Chromosphere
    Transition Zone
  2. Convection
  3. Total energy radiated by the Sun. NOT BRIGHTNESS!
  4. Eleven years
  5. The core is super hot, but it gets cooler until you reach the transition zone, where the temperature suddenly increases dramatically!

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  1. Solar FlareThe outward flow of charged particles leaving the Sun


  2. Solar ProminenceShorter: Flares
    Longer: Prominences
    Smaller: Flates
    Bigger: Prominences
    More Violent: Flares


  3. Solar WindThe outward flow of charged particles leaving the Sun


  4. Compared to the underlying chromosphere, the temperature of the corona is:Hydrogen fusion


  5. The Sun has a _________ rotation of _____ daysConvection