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What are two of Ganhi's quotes?

"An eye for an eye for only make the world go blind."
"Be the change you want to see."

What are some of Ganhi's strategies?

Hunger Strikes

What was the Taj Mahal built for?

A ruler's wife.

India was split into 2 countries. What were they?

India and Pakistan.

Pakistan split into what 2 counties?

Pakistan and Bangladesh.

India is primararily what religion?


Pakistan and Banglagesh are mostly what?


India and Pakistan fought each other and continue to have conflict today why?

One reason that concerns the world is that they both have nuclear weapons.

Gandhi led India's people against who?

The British.

Ganhi's basic strategedy is?


Ganhi refused to obey laws.


He excepted punishment with no fighting back.


Gandhi urged the people of India to boycott British goods.


He also used hunger strikes and protest marches.


Dr. Martin Luther King and others have copied Gandhi's techniques.


Hindus belive the ________ is sacred & the water can wash away sickness & sin.

Ganges River.

Believers ______ their to wash their clothes.


Cows are used as work animals and they provide milk.

Cow dung is used for fertilizer & fuel.

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