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The Fun They Had Isaac Asimov


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Who Wrote The Fun They Had?
Isaac Asimov
Who is the Main Character in The Fun They Had?
What did Tommy find in his grandfather's attic?
An old Book
How did Margie and Tommy read books?
Telebooks on their TV screen
What year did the story take place?
What subject was Margie struggling with in school?
Why did Margie have a hard time believing a man could be a teacher?
Her teacher was a mechanical teacher.
What Margie imagine school in the old book was like?
All kids laughing and sitting together, helping one another with homework and talking about it.
How did Margie imagine the kids in the old school in the book felt about going to school?
They must have loved it. She was thinking about the fun they had.
What is theme of this story?
We want what we don't have or don't take what you have for granted.