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  1. Infant Mortality Rate
  2. Vectored Diseases
  3. Eugenic Population Policies
  4. Demographic Momentum (Hidden Momentum)
  5. Nonvectored Diseases
  1. a The annual number of deaths of infants under one year of age, compared with total live births.
  2. b Infectious diseases transmitted by direct contact between host and victim.
  3. c Government policies designed to favor one racial sector over others.
  4. d A disease carried from one host to another by an intermediate host.
  5. e The tendency for a population to continue to grow long after replacement fertility has been achieved.

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  1. A periodic and official count of a country's population
  2. The scientific study of population characteristics .
  3. A figure that describes the number of children that die between the first and fifth years of their lives in a given population.
  4. The number of years needed to double a population.
  5. When medical technology invented in Europe and North America diffused to less developed countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

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  1. Demographic TransitionThe process of change in a society's population from a condition of high CBR and CDR and low rate of natural increase to a condition of low CBR and CDR, low NIR and a higher total population.


  2. EcumeneA periodic and official count of a country's population


  3. OverpopulationThe number of males per hundred females in the population.


  4. Sex RatioThe scientific study of population characteristics .


  5. Population ExplosionThe rapid growth of the world's human population during the past century, attended by ever-shorter doubling times and accelerating rates of increase.