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"Should we encourage students to complete an Associate's Degree before transferring" DOES NOT fit the criteria for an effective problem solving question


QUESTIONS OF POLICY require the group to base the solution on both researched facts and value judgements

decisions can be made more quickly

advantages to group decisions include all of the following except one. Which one does not belong?


Small group communication works best when groups are no larger than eight persons. However the optimum group size is _____


A major electronics firm holds various committee meetings to improve employee morale. However, upper management discovers that one group always delivers quick decisions, agrees w/ the leader's opinions, and does not thoroughly consider the feasibility of the solutions. The group most likely exhibits ________

careful consideration of alternatives

According to your text "groupthink" is defined as an uncritical way of thinking in which desire to avoid conflict & reach agreement is more important than

have the leader occasionally miss a meeting

Which of the following probably would NOT help a group wishing to avoid groupthink?

is written in question form

An effectively worded group problem incorporates which of the following aspects?


A budget committee needs to reach a decision, which results in commitment from all of the members. Which decision-making method would best enable them to meet this goal?

roudtable discussion

To give all members a chance to participate and to minimize group pressure, the recommended method for generating ideas is


Oral communication uses a LESS FORMAL style than written communication and uses FIRST PERSON pronouns


Most searches for specific information on the Internet use SUBJECT searches


An ALLITERATION is a stylistic devise that involve the repetition of consonant sounds


BLOGS as a research tool should be approached cautiously because they tend to be more editorial than factual

used sparingly

Statistics should be


Verbal supports used for both clarification and proof include all but one of the following

describes an event that actually happened

The factual illustration

There are 1.1 billion people in China

Which of the following demonstrates the most important rule in the successful use of statistics?

shows similarities or differences between items from different classes or categories

The figurative comparison

hypothetical illustration

What type of support is the following? "Gentlemen, I want you to suppose a case for the moment......until he was safely over."


In a presentation on grades and student stress, how would you label the following support? "One student we interviewed complained of headaces during each exam. Another student complained of stomach problems

expert opinion

What type of support is the following? "Anxiety, which affects twice as many women as men...Dr. Thomas Leaman of the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center of Pennsylvania State University."


What type of support is the following? "Generalized anxiety disorder is an unrealistic or excessive worry about some life circumstance..."

establish a mood or feeling

The use of stylistic language devices enables a speaker to:

for searching as many sites as possible use a metasearch

About the Internet, you should know the following:


Information makes more of an impact on an audience when there are FIVE OR MORE main points


Oral reports usually are longer than oral briefings and are more formal


"The Best of XYZ Software" ...I. II. III.

self-desparaging humor (speakers make themselves the brunt of a joke) has a negative effect

Recent research on humor has found that

analyze the audience

The first step in preparing an informative presentation should be to

I, A, 1

Which of the following is the correct sequence of symbols to use for outlines?

Use all capitals for easier reading

All of the following are guidelines for successful outlines except:

Three years ago, one of my best friends--a young woman about your age--was told she had cancer

Which of the following is the best example of an opening sentence for a speech?

rhetorical question

A question designed to make the audience think, and for which no answer is expected, is known as a(n)

the timing of the two types

The main difference between oral reports and oral briefings has to do with


According to the design rules for text visuals, the content of each visual should be CENTERED on the page (or PowerPoint slide) from top to bottom


An average presenter who uses visual aids can be perceived as CREDIBLE as "expert" presenters who use no visuals


Using a DIFFERENT color background for each PowerPoint slide helps gain audience attention and adds to the speaker's message

make spaces between bars narrower than the bars themselves

To be successful, graphic visuals should


For a six minute speech the recommended number of visuals would be

make the font size of the title slide at least 30-36 pts

When using computer generated slides make sure that you


Tom wants his PowerPoint presentation to look very professional and business-like. Which font should he use for the title slide?

upper and lower case type on the text visuals

In preparing her PowerPoint presentation, in order for her slides to be effective, Clara's finished slides should have

All available choices

Shortcuts for working in PowerPoint include which of the following?

She has used blue text on a black background

In double-checking her finished PowerPoint slides, Clara realized that she violated one of the rules for effective presentations. Which of the following should she change?

Methods 3 and 4

Which of the following methods for presenting evidence is most effective to those audiences within the organization?

listeners have very little difficulty spotting illogical messages

Research into the use of logic and evidence indicates all of the following except

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