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  1. clause
  2. inference
  3. asyntedon
  4. non- sequitur
  5. thesis
  1. a deliberate omission of conjuctions
  2. b directly expresses authors opinion,purpose,meaning of text
  3. c gramatical unit that contains a subject and a verb
  4. d statement that doesnt logically relate to what came before it
  5. e generel conclusion derived from reasoning

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  1. combines opposite ideas
  2. implicitly or explicitly threatens audience
  3. when some one asks a question that assumes something else that has not been proven or accepted by all people involved
  4. leads you to conclusion by providing slective evidence
  5. speaking directly to some one who isnt there

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  1. exclamatory sentance2 parts are set off against each other


  2. understatementwhere less is said then actually meant


  3. phrasegroup of words that last a subject


  4. false analogyillogical or misleading comparison


  5. damning with faint praiseto praise slightly that it can be taken as critism