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  1. balanced sentance
  2. loaded question
  3. understatement
  4. false dichotomy/ either-or arguement
  5. assertation
  1. a where less is said then actually meant
  2. b when some one asks a question that assumes something else that has not been proven or accepted by all people involved
  3. c only considers 2 extremes when there are one or more possibilites
  4. d 2 parts are set off against each other
  5. e statement about a debatable topic that can be supported by evidence

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  1. deliberate omission of conjuctions
  2. assumes parts of what a person claims are proven facts
  3. direct comparison using like or as
  4. group of words that last a subject
  5. directly expresses authors opinion,purpose,meaning of text

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  1. antecedentdiscussion involving different points of views


  2. pathetic fallacybliuds to a climatic statement in final main clause


  3. propositionword that links different ideas


  4. dogmatismprocess of logic that moves from general idea to specific instances


  5. rhetoricdirectly expresses authors opinion,purpose,meaning of text