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  1. rhetorical question
  2. ellipsis
  3. polysyndeton
  4. arguementum ad verecundiam
  5. deduction
  1. a more conjuctions then normal
  2. b words indicated by 3 spaced dots
  3. c process of logic that moves from general idea to specific instances
  4. d asked that does not expect an answer
  5. e using prestige of authority to give an arguement power

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  1. reversing normal orders of parts of a sentance YODA
  2. can be interpreted in more than one way due to ambigious grammar
  3. staement expressing an opposing viewpoint
  4. one assumes a claim for the sake of aguement that derives and absurd outcome
  5. removing a phrase from the disscussion in which it belongs thereby changing its meaning

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  1. pathetic fallacyfalse or mistaken idea


  2. euphemismusing an indirect statement instead of a direct one in order to avoid being blunt


  3. synaesthesiaconcept directly opposing a previous idea


  4. metonomydirect comparison


  5. coordinationgrammatical equivalence between parts of a sentance