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  1. cliche
  2. fallacy
  3. euphemism
  4. inference
  5. metonomy
  1. a when the name of one object is substituted for another closely associated with it
  2. b generel conclusion derived from reasoning
  3. c over used expression
  4. d using an indirect statement instead of a direct one in order to avoid being blunt
  5. e false or mistaken idea

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  1. more conjuctions then normal
  2. states main idea immendiately then addas details
  3. using deliberate overstatement to make a point
  4. staement expressing an opposing viewpoint
  5. appeal to sympathy of the audience

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  1. ellipsiswords indicated by 3 spaced dots


  2. reductio ad absurdumone assumes a claim for the sake of aguement that derives and absurd outcome


  3. clausegramatical unit that contains a subject and a verb


  4. slippery slopesuggests dier consequences re relatively minor causes


  5. metaphordirect comparison