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  1. straw man
  2. sentimental appeal
  3. figurative language
  4. exclamatory sentance
  5. polysyndeton
  1. a more conjuctions then normal
  2. b expreses strong emotion
  3. c language that is meant to be taken imaginatively
  4. d oversimplifying an opponets arguement to make it easier to attack
  5. e appeals to heart of audience so they will forget to use their minds

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  1. gramatical unit that contains a subject and a verb
  2. assumes parts of what a person claims are proven facts
  3. attempt to support a statement by repeatin the statement in different terms
  4. a cmparison that uses something familiar to explain something unfamiliar
  5. when some one asks a question that assumes something else that has not been proven or accepted by all people involved

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  1. apostrophegroup of words that last a subject


  2. card stacking/ smoke screendiverting attention from issues speaker does not want to discuss


  3. syntaxsentance structure


  4. metaphorwhen the name of one object is substituted for another closely associated with it


  5. false dichotomy/ either-or arguementonly considers 2 extremes when there are one or more possibilites