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  1. asyntedon
  2. appeal to ignorance
  3. faulty cause
  4. personification
  5. induction
  1. a whatever has been proven false must be true
  2. b deliberate omission of conjuctions
  3. c process of logic that moves from specific examples to a general conclusion
  4. d sets up a cause and effect relationship where none actually exists
  5. e giving human traits to inhuman objects

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  1. words used in meanings
  2. gives a command
  3. using deliberate overstatement to make a point
  4. grammatical equivalence between parts of a sentance
  5. where less is said then actually meant

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  1. begging the questionassumes parts of what a person claims are proven facts


  2. catch 22one is trapped by contradictory regulations or conditions


  3. scare tacticsfrighten audience into agreeing with speaker


  4. false dichotomy/ either-or arguementattacks integrity or character of a person who holds an idea


  5. simileidea that supports a conclusion


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