16 terms


Chapter 1
lesson:who creates our world
-zenzeles going to Harvard
Chapter 2
lesson: what is value of culture?
-important to mama
Chapter 3
lesson: what is womens worth?
Chapter 4
lesson: global citizenship
Ch. 5
lesson:owing our history
Ch. 6
lesson:responding to racism
Ch. 7
lesson: how do we create our world?
Ch. 8
lesson: when does love become self sacrifice?
Ch. 9
lesson: who does a country belong to?
Ch. 10
lesson: third eye
lesson: how we created in gods image?
lesson: what happens when love dies?
What is the third eye?
ability to see what others cant
how does baba say to resond to racism?
laugh it off dont let it get to you
Who forgot their global citizenship?
-cousin byron
-went england to study and changed his ways
-came back and mama didnt recognize him
-changed last name too
what did zezele and mama see that made them see their connection with god?
saw black angels in the church
-says theres a god for them