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Shakespeare and Elizabethan times

What are the four types of plays that Shakespeare wrote?
Romance, Comedies, Tragedies, History
Why do we still read Shakespeare's works?
His works can teach us things that we can use to our own benefit.
Describe the status of women in Shakespearean England. How would young woman respond to a request from her father?
They were treated poorly and would respond immediately to their father's request.
What type of medicine was administered and by whom was it dispensed during this time period.
Herbal medicine which was dispensed by Physicians.
What was the cost of standing room at The Globe?
One Penny.
Why were marriage contracts arranged?
To strengthen family bonds.
What is Betrothal?
A mutual promise to Marriage.
What is foreshadowing?
A clue to something that will happen in the future.
Stage Directions
Text in a script that tell the actors what to do on stage during a play.
Define Stage (set) Design
The creation of the scenery.
Define Lighting Design
A plan detailing what lights will be used, how, where what color and how bright/dim.
Define Costume Design
The creation of a costume.
Define Monologue
when a person in a play speaks for a long time.
Define Dialogue
A conversation between to or more people.
Define Aside
When a character turns to the audience to share their thoughts.