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  1. suffrage
  2. concise
  3. Abound
  4. infringe
  5. discern
  1. a to go beyond set limits
  2. b to exist in great quantities or numbers
  3. c saying or writing much in few words
  4. d to perceive; to detect differences
  5. e the right to vote, or a vote itself

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  1. clearly expressed; exact; accurate in every detail
  2. beyond what is required extra
  3. determined; unshakable
  4. showing tact, respect, and restraint in speech or behavior
  5. to detest thoroughly

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  1. AbrasiveHarsh; Rough


  2. Superlativethe highest; above the rest


  3. abscondto exist in great quantities or numbers


  4. resolvedetermined; unshakable


  5. infractionA violation, especially of law