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Anatomy 1st Semester review

review mr allen gave to his class
The study of the structure and shape of the body and body parts is called
the site where ribosomes assemble prior to their migration into the cytoplasm is the
which is not a serous membrane
the cutaneous membrane
which of the following relationships is incorrect
parietal pericardium- covers the outer surface
which is a connective tissue membrane
synovial membrane
the skin is a
cutaneous membrane
mucous membranes are located in the
lining of the stomach cavity
which of the following is a vital function of the skin
it converts modified epidermal cholesterol to vitamin d
although you get wet while swimming...tough protein..this is
which of the following has no blood supply of its own
the epidermis only
the hypodermic consists of
adipose tissue
caused by skin exposure to chemicals
contact dermatitis
tanning effect is protective due to
increased production of melanin that helps block uv light
which of the following is found in the dermis
sweat and oil glands
nutrients reach the surface of the skin through
upward diffusion of nutrients
finger-like upward projections of the dermis into the epidermis are called
dermal papillae
fingernails are
a modification of the epidermis
the secretions of the eccrine glands are
99% water, sodium chloride,...
the secretion of sebum is stimulated
by hormones, especially male sex hormones
sebaceous glands are important for
keeping skin and hair cells soft and flexible
inflammation of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands is
physician estimates fluid lost in a burn victim by
using the rule of nines
which is an indication of melanoma
a pigmented spot that contains areas of different colors
male pattern baldness has a genetic switch that turns on in response to
the molecules that make the cell surface fuzzy, sticky, and sugar rich are
the cell connections that allow substances to pass directly from one cell into another
gap junctions
which one of the organelles is studded with ribosomes and carries out protein synthesis
rough er
organelle uses molecular oxygen to convert and detoxify harmful substances like alcohol
cholesterl is used in the cell membrane to
help make the membrane more fluid
two types of endocytosis are
phagocytosis and pinocytosis
a solution that contains fewer solutes than the cell is
once solid material is phagocytized and taken into a vacuole
a lysosome combines with the vacuole and digests the enclosed solid material
a cell loses water and shrinks
the phase of cell division in which chromatids are pulled apart and move to opposite ends
the molecule that carries an amino acid to the ribosome for incorporation into a protein
molecule made during transcription
molecule that contains anticodons
DNA segment that carries information coding for a particular amino acid is a
DNA replication occurs in
Goblet cells are found in
simple collumnar epithelium
not true of epithelial tissue
it has a good blood supply within it and is very vascular
which of the following is not a connective tissue
skeletal muscle
the epithelial tissue found in areas subject to considerable stretching is
the tissue that is usually well vascularized and has an extensive intercellular matrix is called
nervous tissue
the epithelial tissue found in areas subject to considerable friction and abuse
stratified squamous epithelium
tendons are
dense connective tissue
identify the issue that forms the subcutaneous connective tissue beneath the skin
adipose tissue
glands that secrete their products directly into the blood are
the type of muscle found in the walls of hollow organs is
smooth muscle
the smallest unit of life
the lymphatic system
picks up leaked fluids from blood vessels and returns it to the blood
the system that regulates water, electrolyte, and acid base balance of the blood is the
urinary system
muscular system consists of the
skeletal muscles
the ovary is part of which two systems
reproductive and endocrine
delivers digestive enzymes to the small intestine is
not a necessary life function
matched accurately with function
nervous system - responsiveness
survival need required to release energy from foods
detects a change
negative feedback systems
operate in a way that the initial stimulus is shut off or reduced
thermostat of the brain represents the _____
control center
anatomical position
body is erect with the feet parallel and the arms hanging at sides with palms facing forward
which two orientation and directional terms have the same meaning in humans
anterior, ventral
posterior surface of head
the region that contains the naval is
umbilical region
which is not a ventral cavity
spinal cavity
section that divides the body on longitudinal plane left and right
used to separate the thoracic cavity from the abdominopelvic cavity
ventral cvity subdivision with no bony protection
most important minerals stored in bones are
calcium and phosphorus
Vertabrae are considered____ bones, whereas ankle bones are considered_____
bone category usually cube-shaped
short bone
the periosteum is secured to the underlying bone by
sharpey's fibers
the presence of an epiphyseal plate indicates
bone length is increasing
the bone cells within lacunae receive nourishment from blood vessels through passageways called
a shallow, basin like depression in a bone is
anarrow slitlike opening on a bone is
the patella
sesamoid bone and a short bone
the canal that runs through the core of each osteon contains
blood vessels and nerve fibers
the small cavities in bone tissue where osteocytes are found are called
what kind of tissue is the forerunner of long bones in the embryo
hyaline cartillage
a compound fracture can be described as when
the broken bone is exposed to the outside
a bone fracture where the bone is broken into many fragments is
comminuted fracture
fracture more common in children due to cartilage levels
fracture that is common in osteoporotic bones is a
compression fracture
axial skeleton contains
the skull, vertebral columns,ribs, and sternum
the middle nasal conchae are part of
ethmoid bone
the foramen magnum passes through the
occipital bone
the hyoid bone is unique because
it is the only bone in the body that does not articulate with any other bone
there are __ lumbar vertebra; whereas there are ___ thoracic vertebra
5; 12
the atlas is the
first cervical vertebra
correct order of ribs, from superior to inferior
true ribs, false ribs, floating ribs
There are ____ pairs of true ribs; whereas there are ____ pairs of floating ribs
7; 2
the greater tubercle is located on the
the major portion of the coxal bone is the
not a feature of a synovial joint