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o Since the modifiable risk factors for CAD mostly include lifestyle/dietary changes, it is important to begin (or continue) eating healthy.. In our book it discusses the "TLC Diet". In this diet it discusses what we need most of and what we need less of. It says 25%-35% of our total calories need to come from total fat. (<7% saturated fat, up to 10% total calories of polyunsaturated, and up to 20% of total calories in monounsaturated fats). Then it tells us that 50-60% of our total calories need to come from carbohydrates, 20-30 g/d need to come from dietary fiber, approximately 15% of total calories from protein and <200 mg/d of total calories need to come from cholesterol. This diet can of course be changed to fit individual needs.
o Another area of prevention is to engage in moderate-intensity aerobic activity of at least 150 minutes per week, or vigorous-intensity aerobic activity at least 75 minutes per week. Physical activity increases HDL levels and reduces triglyceride levels, decreasing the incidence of coronary events and reducing overall mortality risk.
o If diet alone cannot normalize the cholesterol levels, medications can aid in that. Lipid-lowering medications can reduce CAD mortality in patients with elevated lipid levels and in at-risk patients with normal lipid levels.
o One of the biggest ways to prevent CAD is too simply stop smoking.
o Managing hypertension- the risk for CAD increases as the BP exceeds 120/80. So, hypertension can be managed by eating healthier, exercise, and medications
o Managing Diabetes