Business Communication Skills

Business Communication
communication occurring within the business environment
Internal Communication
communication that occurs within an organization
Horizontal Communication
internal communication between employees on the same level; also
known as lateral communication
Vertical Communication
internal communication between subordinates and superiors
most widely used internal communication system; informal
communication where information flows rapidly but is often incorrect
External Communication
occurs between an organization and the people outside the organization;
normally handled by a public relations manager
Formal Communication
occurs in the form of presentations, interviews, publicity, letters and
Informal Communication
occurs in the form of emails, meetings, face-to-face conversations and
through the grapevine
the process of the sender selecting and organizing the message that will
be sent
the process of the receiver breaking down and interpreting the message
the response the receiver provides to the sender's message
Body Language
gestures and facial expressions
the physical distance between individuals
Intimate Zone
0-18 inches; close relationship such as parent/child
Personal Zone
18 inches to 4 feet; occurs between people who are well acquainted
Social Zone
4 to 12 feet; common for business events or meetings
Public Zone
more than twelve feet; common in situations such as a speaker and an
sounds, which do not have an exact written form
Ethical Messages
are made based on moral principles and values
Legal Messages
are made according to the law