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Medical Insurance and Billing Procedures 1

In order to work competently as a medical claims specialist in a physician's office, opne needs

to know procedural and diagnostic coding

In addition to medical data, the medical record may include

a. personal data
b. financial data
c. social data
d. all answers are correct

d. all answers are correct

Medical ethics will typically address standards of


Everything that a medical claims specialist learns about a patient's condition must remain


Which of the following skills would NOT be required for accurate filing of claims?

Computer programming

All of the following are expected as part of a professional image EXCEPT

a strong pleasant fragrance

If an error is made in a patient's chart, what should be done to the incorrect information prior to adding the correct information nearby

Draw a single line through it

Which of the following is NOT typical knowledge expected of an insurance billing specialist?

How to repair a fax machine

A legally enforceable document composed by an insurance company describing an agreement is a


The patient- physician contract begins when the

physician agrees to treat the patient

Scanners for directly reading claims into a computer's memory are called

OCR devices

When a fax is used to transmit medical records, the patient must sign a


Who should interpret reports and laboratory tests to the patient?

The physician

According to income tax regulations, accounting records should be kept for

4 years

A writ requiring the appearance of a person at a trial or other proceeding is a


Precautions for use of a physician's signature stamp include all but which of the following?

It should be available to all employees

An insurance billing specialist should be able to do all but which of the following

Advise patients which insurance companies offer the best insurance

When physicians evaluate other physicians, this process is called

peer review

The following are names of parts of a computer EXCEPT


ROM and RAM refer to a computer's


A transmission device for sending electronic data is called a


Which of the following IS NOT an area of expected expertise for the medical billing specialist


The following should be condsidered wshen selecting and setting up a computer system EXCEPT


Medical ethics has to do with

making right and wrong decisions

Computer data regarding patient medical records is considered


A destructive computer program that attaches itself to other programs is called an


Backing- up refers to

saving data

A 1099 form is used to report income to the


Computer memory can be measured in


A self- employed billing specialist will need all of the following for successful start- up EXCEPT which one?

Casual attitude toward customers

A slef- employed claims processor might expect to invest in a new _______ for business.


Self- employed insurance billing specialists can deduct all but which one of the following expenses from their income taxes?

Social entertaining

If a self- employed insurance specialist plans to use a business name, he or she must

file a DBA form

Brains of a computer which control memory and processing functions are called the


Intentional misrepresentation of facts in order to deceive or mislead others is


A separate part of a computer keyboard that handles numerical functions only is a


Storage in a computer is called


A list of items displayed on a computer screen from which the operator can choose a function is termed a


Memory that allows data to be stored and retrieved by specification is called


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