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Blood: Functions and Components

Part 1
Function of blood
Gases, Nutrients, Hormones, Wastes, Heat, Ions, Immune system components
Components of blood
55% is Blood Plasma
45% is formed elements
Components of plasma (55%)
Proteins=7% of plasma.
Water=91.5% of plasma
Formed Elements (45%)
Platelets - 150-400,000
WBC - 5-10,000
RBC - 4-5.5 million
Formation of blood
Made in Red bone marrow, live only a few days-months, RBC stays at a certain level: regulated by neg feedback, WBC naturally fluxuate and respond to pathogens or antigens(proteins) and respond to infection.
Hemoglobin(a protien) transports ox and co2 and live @4months. Damaged RBC's are destroyed by liver and spleen. 2mil produced/second
(a rbc is a bag of hemoglobin)
RBC Count
4.4-5 million/micro liter
%of blood volume
Males: 40-54%
High RBC count and increased viscosity or thickness