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closed, flat, 2-D area


illusion of, or actual 3-D space that an object occupies


how the surface of an object feels or the illusion of how it might feel


something that stands for or represents something else

elements of art

basic visual symbols that artists use to make a work of art

principles of design

rules that act as guides for organizing or structuring the elements of art in making a work of art


one of the main purposes of art


has to do with shadows, shading, highlights, relative darks and relative lights


refers to the emptiness or area around, between, above, below, or within objects

composition (form)

aspect or part of a work of art that includes the way the principles of design are used to organize the elements of art


message or artistic statement of a work of art


the part most easily recognized or depicted in a work of art


material used to make a work of art


when more than one material is used to make a work of art


act of looking at something carefully and thinking about it deeply

free standing

work of art surrounded on all sides by space

seven elements of art

line, form, shape, space, color, texture, value

eight principles of design

unity, harmony, balance, proportion, emphasis, movement, rhythm, varitety


a mark made a moving pointed tool

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