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Accounting II Arkansas FW Vocabulary (Unit 4 21-38) Corporation Accounting

Accounting II Arkansas FW Vocabulary (Unit 4 21-38) Corporation Accounting
Organizational Costs
cost directly related to establishing a corporation.
Purchases availiable for sale
the total amount of beginning inventory in addition to purchases added during a period of time.
Par value
a value assigned to a share of stock and pringed on the stock certificate.
Par-value stock
stock that has a specific value printed on the stock certificate.
Preferred stock
stock that has preferences over common stock, usually in relation to dividends.
Price-earnings ratio
a measure used to determine whether the market price of a corporation's stock is reasonable; calculated by dividing the market price per share by earnings per share.
Rate earned on average stockholders' equity
the relationship between net income and average stockholders' equity.
Rate earned on average total assets
the relationship between net income and average total assets.
Retained earnings
the accumulated profits of a company.
Retiring a bond issue
paying the amounts owed to bondholders of a bond issue.
Serial bonds
a bond issue that has a series of maturity dates.
Stated-value stock
the value assigned to share of no-par stock by the board of directors.
Statement of cash flow
a financial statement that shows a company's incoming and outgoing money during a time period (often monthly or quarterly).
Stock certificate
a document showing how many shares of coporation stock are owned.
Subscribing for capital stock
the process of selling stock to investors on an installment basis.
Term bonds
a bond issue in which all bonds have the same term or maturity date.
Treasury stock
stock that has been issued by a corporation and then reacquired and held.
a bank appointed to ensure that a coporation fulfills all its responsibilities to bondholders.