Ancient Philosophy - Chapter 3

One of the things the Sophists do not teach is:
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Sophists tend to hold that the godsexist by nomosAntiphon argues thatmost of the things that are lawful (in the sense of physis) are hostile to natureThe Sophist Callicles (as Plato represents him) holds thatweaklings make laws to look after their own interestsIn his comic play, The Clous, Aristophanes portrays Socrates assomeone who teaches for payWhich of these is not a theme expressed in Euripides' play HippolytusNothing can harm the truly innocentThe war between Athens and Spartaproduced extremes of thought and behavior on all sidesSophists hold that the best logos is the one thatwins the argumentWhen Antigone defies the king's order and cover her brother's body with dirt, she defends her action by saying thatthe eternal laws of heaven take precedence over the ruling of a king.Antiphon, the Sophist, says that if you break a conventional law while pursuing your own self-interestyou will have the advantage over those who follow such lawsT/F Athenian democracy was distinctive in being the first ever to give citizenship right to womenFalseT/F Rhetoric, as practiced by the Sophists, tended to lead to skepticismTrueT/F The way things are may be due to physics or to gnomes; it is only in the former case that we can do otherwiseFalseT/F Callicles, the Sophist, held that conventional law was enacted by the strong to keep the weak in their placeFalseT/F Antiphon agrees with the Heraclitus that there is a natural justice, independent of conventions of justice, but disagrees about its contentTrue