20 terms

Vocab Unit 14

Annex (2)
POS: Verb/noun
Def: To add, attach, to incorporate/an attachment or addition
Synonyms: (V) join, acquire, appropriate, procure
Antonyms: None
POS: Verb
Def: To cut or split open.
Synonyms: Sever, halve, sunder, adhere, clasp
Antonyms: None
Cordial (2)
POS: Adjective/ Noun
Def: In a friendly manor, hearty; cheery/ A liqueur
Synonyms: Hospitable, affable, warm, convivial
Antonyms: Gruff, unfriendly, unsociable
POS: Noun
Def: The starting point of a building; a fundamental principle or element.
Synonyms: Foundation, base, underpinning, support
Antonyms:NO ne
POS: Noun
Def: An overwhelming defeat, rout; a complete collapse or failure.
Synonyms: Disaster, fiasco, calamity
Antonyms: Success, triumph, victory, coup
POS: Verb
Def: To make weak or lifeless.
Synonyms: Enfeeble, sap, enervate
Antonyms: Enliven, stimulate, energize, excite
POS: Verb
Def: To involve in a conflict or difficulty; to throw into confusion
Synonyms: Entangle, ensnarl
Antonyms: Disentangle, separate, disconnect
POS: Verb
Def: To clear from a charge or accusation
Synonyms: Absolve, acquit, vindicate, exculpate
Antonyms: Implicate, incriminate, inculpate
POS: Adjective
Def: Ready and fluent in speech; thoughtless, insincere
Synonyms: Superficial, pat, oily, unctuous, facile
Antonyms: Halting, tounge-tied, speechless, awkward
POS: Adjective
Def: By chance, not planned, lacking order
Synonyms: Random, accidental, slapdash
Antonyms: Deliberate, purposeful, orderly, meticulous
POS: Verb
Def: To compose or preform w/o prep; to construct from available materials
Synonyms: Ad-lib, extemporize
Antonyms: Plan, rehearse, practice, prepare
POS: Verb
Def: To rouse, stir up, urge on
Synonyms: Spur, kindle, provoke, instigate, prompt
Antonyms: Check, curb, impede, restrain, smother
POS: Noun
Def: A coming in, flow
Synonyms: Inpouring, inrush, invasion
Antonyms: Outpouring, exodus, departure
POS: Noun
Def: An extreme or unnatural paleness
Synonyms: Wanness, lividness, bloodlessness
Antonyms: Flush, blush, rosiness, bloom
POS: Noun
Def: A list of ancestors, family tree; the history or origins of something
Synonyms: Lineage, ancestry, genealogy
Antonyms: None
POS: Adjective
Def: Very steep
Synonyms: Sheer, abrupt, sharp
Antonyms: Gradual, shallow, graded, incremental
POS: Adjective
Def: Very abundant; given or flowing freely
Synonyms: Extravagant, lavish, bounteous, plenteous
Antonyms: Sparse, scanty, meager, insufficient
POS: Verb
Def: To restore to friendship; to settle; to resign (oneself)
Synonyms: Unite, conciliate
Antonyms: Antagonize, alienate,
Shackle (2)
POS: Verb/ Noun
Def: To put into chains/a chain, fetter
Synonyms: Manacle, enslave/handcuffs, bonds, irons
Antonyms: Free, unfetter, emancipate, liberate
POS: Adjective
Def: Shabby, old and worn
Synonyms: Frayed, seedy, ragged, shopworn, trite
Antonyms: Luxurious, plush, costly, sumptuous