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  1. what portion of a tRNA molecule pair with a condon in an mRNA molecule
  2. what is the function of tRNA
  3. what makes up a nucleotide vs. a nucleic acid
  4. what organelle is used with cellular respiration
  5. what is the function of the electron transport chain
  1. a to transport electrons
  2. b nucleotides are bonded together to make up nucleic acids
  3. c mitochondria
  4. d transfer amino acids to the ribosome
  5. e the anti-condon

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  1. important for cell membranes, and they are made of glycerol and fatty acids
  2. exocytosis
  3. active transport requires ATP, moves things against a concentration gradient from low to high while passive does not require energy and passes things from high to low
  4. ADP and a phosphate
  5. ionic, covalent, hydrogen

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  1. during what phase does the synthesis of DNA occurinterphase or S phase of interphase


  2. how are NADPH and ATP used in photosynthesischloroplast


  3. what is the function of RUBP during photosynthesis?it bonds with C02 to make a 6 carbon molecule


  4. what is NAD+energy used to have active transport


  5. what does mendel's law of segregation statethe gene combination