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  1. how does a defective or faulty p53 affect cell division
  2. what important information did franklin's x-ray diffraction photograph show
  3. what do lysosomes do
  4. what is hypertonic
  5. what is the function of DNA polymerase
  1. a cancer is likely to develop from the defective p53 gene
  2. b the enzyme that joins complimentary
  3. c it showed that the DNA structure is a double helix
  4. d they digest other organelles or waste material from the cell
  5. e high solute

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  1. polar and non-polar... non-polar has an equal amount of electrons
  2. exocytosis
  3. gametes are haploid. Diploid means twice chromosomes and haploid means half chromosomes.
  4. they are all sugar based molecules.
  5. made of sugar, a phosphate and a nitrogenous base

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  1. what happens during anaphasedaughter chromosomes separate and they move away from each other


  2. what is a point mutation?a nonsense mutation is one that changes a condon into a stop-condon


  3. what is NAD+an electron transporter that accepts electrons and hydrogen


  4. what protein in the thylakoid membrane makes ATPcholesterol


  5. what is the definition of a phenotypethe gene combination