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  1. what are soaps
  2. what is a condon? how many nucleotides form one condon
  3. what is the function of mRNA
  4. what is an ion
  5. what is apoptosis
  1. a it is made up of 3 nucleotides on the messenger RNA strand
  2. b bases and theyare emulsifiers
  3. c an atom that had more or less electrons than protons
  4. d takes the genetic code to the ribosome
  5. e cell death and it is a neat and internal way that the cell kills itself

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  1. water has its major properties because it is a polar covalently bonded molecule. this makes water polar
  2. implies that 2 members of an allele pair are distributed to separate gametes
  3. ionic, covalent, hydrogen
  4. a mixture of two substances at the same place
  5. amino acids chained together, and enzymes speed up the rate of reactions

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  1. what is NAD+important for cell membranes, and they are made of glycerol and fatty acids


  2. what is the definition of a phenotypephysical appearance or characteristics


  3. if a homozygous dominant male marries a female with a straight hairline, what percent of their children can be expected to have a widows peak?0%


  4. what are peptide bondsglycolysis, the prepatory reaction, the citric acid cylcle, and the electron transport chain


  5. what do lysosomes dothey digest other organelles or waste material from the cell