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  1. what organelles are found in the cytoplasm
  2. what is RNA
  3. what happens during anaphase
  4. what is DNA
  5. what is the differences between dehydration and hydrolysis?
  1. a daughter chromosomes separate and they move away from each other
  2. b everything that's not in the nucleus
  3. c used to make proteins
  4. d DNA is hereditary material
  5. e dehydration syntheses takes water out and you add molecules together and hydrolysis is the breaking up of molecules, but you need to add water

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  1. a chromosome is DNA that is coiled and folded. Chromatin is DNA that is uncoilecd
  2. cholesterol
  3. made up of nucleotides
  4. when multiple genes code for the same trait
  5. transcription and translation

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  1. know the different types of pressuresthey link together with a protein to make a ribosome


  2. what is a proteinmade by amino acids and they bond together with a peptide bond


  3. what is a nonsense mutationsubstitution is when a gene mutation in which a nucleotide replaces another nucleotide


  4. what is an allelethe amount of energy to raise 1 gram of water to 1 degree Celsius


  5. what are the reactions in cell respirationC6H206+ 02