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  1. what are peptide bonds
  2. what are the structures in the chloroplasts
  3. what is an allele
  4. what are enzymes
  5. where does the translation occur
  1. a the bonds formed between amino acids
  2. b amino acids chained together, and enzymes speed up the rate of reactions
  3. c thylakoid- where the light reactions take place
    grana- the stacks of thylakoids
    stroma- the fluid area
  4. d at the ribosome
  5. e alternative form of a gene

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  1. water or H20
  2. ATP synthase
  3. ADP and a phosphate
  4. prokaryotes have a nucleus
  5. the dissolving agent

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  1. what is a proteinimportant for cell membranes, and they are made of glycerol and fatty acids


  2. what is DNADNA is hereditary material


  3. what is the function of rRNAthey link together with a protein to make a ribosome


  4. during what phase does the synthesis of DNA occurthey link together with a protein to make a ribosome


  5. what are the reactions in cell respirationconsists of cytosis ad cytokinesis