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  1. what happens during prophase
  2. list the steps of protein synthesis beginning with DNA ending with protein
  3. what is the difference between organic and inorganic molecules?
  4. what are the two steps of gene expression
  5. what is the function of the electron transport chain
  1. a DNA, RNA, protein
  2. b to transport electrons
  3. c organic- have covalently bonded carbon based molecules
    inorganic- non carbon and ionically bonded molecules
  4. d nuclear envelope disappears and chromosomes become distinct
  5. e transcription and translation

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  1. the dissolving agent
  2. thylakoid- where the light reactions take place
    grana- the stacks of thylakoids
    stroma- the fluid area
  3. ATP synthase
  4. as cells get larger, the surface area gets larger at a slower rate than the volume
  5. semi-permeable

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  1. what is the function of a helicaseit is the enzyme responsible for unwinding the DNA double helix


  2. what is the definition of a genotypethe gene combination


  3. what are the two types of covalent bonds?ionic, covalent, hydrogen


  4. what organelles are found in the cytoplasmeverything that's not in the nucleus


  5. what is the law of independent assortmentpairs of factors separate independently of other pairs of factors, its independent assortment