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  1. describe the structure of a nucleotide
  2. what are peptide bonds
  3. how is mRNA formed
  4. list the steps of protein synthesis beginning with DNA ending with protein
  5. describe the cell division in prokaryotes
  1. a the replication of DNA followed by the elongation of the cell and division of the cell.
  2. b transcription
  3. c the bonds formed between amino acids
  4. d DNA, RNA, protein
  5. e made of sugar, a phosphate and a nitrogenous base

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  1. an atom that had more or less electrons than protons
  2. they are all sugar based molecules.
  3. chloroplast
  4. a piece of DNA that contains sequences from another organism
  5. they digest other organelles or waste material from the cell

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  1. what is a solutewhat is dissolved


  2. that is the final electron acceptor of the Electron Transport Chainactive transport requires ATP, moves things against a concentration gradient from low to high while passive does not require energy and passes things from high to low


  3. which microscope provides the best resolutionElectron


  4. what are the structures in the chloroplaststhylakoid- where the light reactions take place
    grana- the stacks of thylakoids
    stroma- the fluid area


  5. what is an intron and what is an exona nonsense mutation is one that changes a condon into a stop-condon


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