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  1. during what phase does the synthesis of DNA occur
  2. what is a substitution mutation
  3. which microscope provides the best resolution
  4. what is recombinant DNA
  5. what is ATP broken down into
  1. a ADP and a phosphate
  2. b a piece of DNA that contains sequences from another organism
  3. c substitution is when a gene mutation in which a nucleotide replaces another nucleotide
  4. d Electron
  5. e interphase or S phase of interphase

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  1. they link together with a protein to make a ribosome
  2. transcription
  3. at the ribosome
  4. energy used to have active transport
  5. non-cyclic electron flow..the smoking frog

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  1. what organelle is used with cellular respirationeverything that's not in the nucleus


  2. what is the process of moving things outside the cellphysical appearance or characteristics


  3. Describe a chromosome. how is it different from chromatina chromosome is DNA that is coiled and folded. Chromatin is DNA that is uncoilecd


  4. what protein in the thylakoid membrane makes ATPcholesterol


  5. what is a proteinwhat is dissolved


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