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  1. what nitrogenous bases are complementary to each other
  2. which way will water move in different solutions
  3. what is the law of independent assortment
  4. from what reactant in the photosynthesis is the product oxygen derived form
  5. what are the products and reactants of photosynthesis
  1. a pairs of factors separate independently of other pairs of factors, its independent assortment
  2. b water or H20
  3. c G's bond with C's. and A's bond with T's
  4. d water will always move from the hypotonig to hypertonic
  5. e carbon dioxide+ water and the reactants are oxygen + sugar

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  1. 0%
  2. the amount of energy to raise 1 gram of water to 1 degree Celsius
  3. DNA is covered to messenger DNA
  4. made by amino acids and they bond together with a peptide bond
  5. they are all sugar based molecules.

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  1. what is a substitution mutationa nonsense mutation is one that changes a condon into a stop-condon


  2. during what phase does the synthesis of DNA occurinterphase or S phase of interphase


  3. what are enzymesisotopes are atoms that have a different number of neutrons than protons.


  4. what is the difference between Prokaryotes and Eukaryotesactive transport requires ATP, moves things against a concentration gradient from low to high while passive does not require energy and passes things from high to low


  5. what are the stages of cell divisionconsists of cytosis ad cytokinesis