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  1. Intolerable Acts
  2. Albany Plan of Union
  3. Fort Duquesne
  4. Minutemen
  5. Sugar Act of 1764
  1. a first attempt to raise income from colonies, taxed sugar and molasses- colonists had no concern since this was Britain's first attempt to raise taxes
  2. b four laws, very harsh
  3. c General Braddock led colonial troops toward this fort- French launched a surprise attack and defeated Braddock's troops
  4. d prepared to fight at a minute's notice, carried musket around
  5. e proposal by Benjamin Franklin and created one government for the 13 colonies

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  1. laws passed in 17637 that taxed goods such as glass, lead, paint, paper, lead, and tea
  2. Washington launched a surprise attack against the French- French and Indian forces outnumbered Washington's forces
  3. legal document that allowed British custom officials to inspect a ship's cargo without giving a reason
  4. letter writing campaign that became a major tool of protest in the colonies from Massachusetts
  5. a bold, young leader who was only 22 years old in 1754 when he led 150 men

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  1. LouisburgMajor General Amherst captured this fort in 1758- tide of the battle returned


  2. Petitionformal written request to someone in authority; signed by a group of people


  3. Repealto cancel, stop


  4. Paul Reverefrom Massachusetts, made a famous engraving of the Boston Massacre


  5. Patrick Henryfrom Virginia, gave speeches that stirred others in action


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