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  1. Townshend Acts
  2. Paul Revere
  3. Pontiac's War
  4. Repeal
  5. Sugar Act of 1764
  1. a to cancel, stop
  2. b from Massachusetts, made a famous engraving of the Boston Massacre
  3. c a 1763 conflict between the Native Americans and the British over settlement of Indian lands in the Great Lakes area
  4. d laws passed in 17637 that taxed goods such as glass, lead, paint, paper, lead, and tea
  5. e first attempt to raise income from colonies, taxed sugar and molasses- colonists had no concern since this was Britain's first attempt to raise taxes

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  1. taxed legal documents, taxed newspapers, almanacs, playing cards, and dice- colonists protested angrily, coined the slogan "No taxation without representation", drew up a petition, boycotted to buy British goods, Parliament repealed the Stamp Act
  2. set up government for Canada, gave religious freedom to French Catholics
  3. General Braddock led colonial troops toward this fort- French launched a surprise attack and defeated Braddock's troops
  4. four laws, very harsh
  5. colonists outnumbered, 73 redcoats died

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  1. Tea Act1773, let company bypass tea merchants and sell directly to colonists


  2. Samuel Adamsfrom Massachusetts, had a knowledge of British law that earned his respect


  3. First Continental Congresscolonists dressed as Indians, threw tea off boats


  4. George Washingtonfrom Virginia, joined in protesting the Townshend Acts


  5. LouisburgMajor General Amherst captured this fort in 1758- tide of the battle returned