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  1. Boycott
  2. Stamp Act of 1765
  3. William Pitt
  4. Albany Plan of Union
  5. Abigail Adams
  1. a from Massachusetts, wrote to spur colonists to action (Daughters of Liberty)
  2. b Became the new head of British government- sent his best generals, money, and supplies to North America
  3. c proposal by Benjamin Franklin and created one government for the 13 colonies
  4. d refusal to buy certain goods and services
  5. e taxed legal documents, taxed newspapers, almanacs, playing cards, and dice- colonists protested angrily, coined the slogan "No taxation without representation", drew up a petition, boycotted to buy British goods, Parliament repealed the Stamp Act

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  1. Franklin proposed this plan for "one general government"- colonial assemblies turned this plan down
  2. formal written request to someone in authority; signed by a group of people
  3. 1773, let company bypass tea merchants and sell directly to colonists
  4. from Massachusetts, was a talented organizer, arranged protests and stirred public support
  5. a 1763 law that placed new duties on legal documents, taxed newspapers, almanacs, playing cards, and dice

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  1. First Continental Congressfrom Massachusetts, wrote plays that made fun of British officials (Daughters of Liberty)


  2. Fort Oswego, Fort William Henrya war that took place from 1754 to 1763 between England and France that led to the end of French power in North America


  3. Proclamation of 1763law forbidding colonists to settle west of the Appalachian mountains


  4. Repealto cancel, stop


  5. Boston Tea PartyWashington launched a surprise attack against the French- French and Indian forces outnumbered Washington's forces