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  1. Patrick Henry
  2. Albany Plan of Union
  3. Petition
  4. French and Indian War
  5. Benjamin Franklin
  1. a formal written request to someone in authority; signed by a group of people
  2. b proposal by Benjamin Franklin and created one government for the 13 colonies
  3. c born in 1706 and was the son of a poor Boston soap and candle maker
  4. d a war that took place from 1754 to 1763 between England and France that led to the end of French power in North America
  5. e from Virginia, gave speeches that stirred others in action

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  1. set up government for Canada, gave religious freedom to French Catholics
  2. from Massachusetts, wrote plays that made fun of British officials (Daughters of Liberty)
  3. prepared to fight at a minute's notice, carried musket around
  4. colonists outnumbered, 73 redcoats died
  5. from Virginia, was a rising law student

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  1. Treaty of Paris1773, let company bypass tea merchants and sell directly to colonists


  2. William Pittarmy of citizens, serve as soldiers in emergency


  3. Proclamation of 1763law forbidding colonists to settle west of the Appalachian mountains


  4. Fort NecessityGeneral Braddock led colonial troops toward this fort- French launched a surprise attack and defeated Braddock's troops


  5. First Continental Congress1774, delegates from all colonies accept Georgia, met in Philadelphia, agreed to support Boston