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  1. Intolerable Acts
  2. Quebec Act
  3. Benjamin Franklin
  4. Fort Necessity
  5. Townshend Acts
  1. a four laws, very harsh
  2. b Washington launched a surprise attack against the French- French and Indian forces outnumbered Washington's forces
  3. c laws passed in 17637 that taxed goods such as glass, lead, paint, paper, lead, and tea
  4. d set up government for Canada, gave religious freedom to French Catholics
  5. e born in 1706 and was the son of a poor Boston soap and candle maker

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  1. from Massachusetts, made a famous engraving of the Boston Massacre
  2. involved in Boston Tea Party, was at First Continental Congress meeting
  3. taxed glass, paper, paint, lead, and tea, set up new ways to collect taxes such as writs of assistance- merchants and planters signed an agreement to stop imported taxed goods, started the Sons of Liberty and Daughters of Liberty, colonists did mock hangings, petitions, boycotted, and sent threats
  4. to cancel, stop
  5. from Virginia, was a rising law student

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  1. Fort Oswego, Fort William HenryFrench succeeded in capturing these forts- Britain's allies began to doubt the British


  2. Treaty of Parisa 1763 argument that ended the French and Indian War and marked the end of French power in North America


  3. Albany Plan of Unionproposal by Benjamin Franklin and created one government for the 13 colonies


  4. Louisburgrefusal to buy certain goods and services


  5. Minutemenprepared to fight at a minute's notice, carried musket around