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  1. Pygmies
  2. Addis Ababba
  3. Liberia
  4. Barbary Coast
  5. Emperor Haile Selassie
  1. a founded by an American group as a home for freed American black slaves and later became independent
  2. b includes most of Northern Africa and part of Europe's Iberian Peninsula, named after the Berbers, became known for the fierce pirates that lived there
  3. c began a program of modernization
  4. d short descendants of the original inhabitants
  5. e capitol of Ethiopia

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  1. famous for it's Savanna wildlife
  2. the largest country in Africa
  3. the world's second largest freshwater lake
  4. two independent nations in Africa
  5. capitol of Sudan

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  1. Berbersnomadic people who were the original inhabitants of Northern Africa


  2. Suddworld's largest swamp located in the African country of Sudan


  3. Aswan High Damproduces enough power to meet more than half of Egypt's needs and provides year-round irrigation in the Nile Valley and controlled flooding


  4. Cairothe largest country in Africa


  5. Lake Tanganyikathe world's second largest freshwater lake