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  1. Democratic republic of Congo
  2. Khartoum
  3. President Nasser
  4. The Sahara
  5. Cairo
  1. a the largest desert in the world, about the size of the US
  2. b took over the Suez Canal by force
  3. c has potential to be one of Africa's richest countries
  4. d means 'elephant trunk' and is the capital of Sudan
  5. e Egypt's capital and Africa's largest city

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  1. capitol of Ethiopia
  2. the longest and second deepest freshwater lake in the world
  3. famous for it's Savanna wildlife
  4. Kenya's first president
  5. dictator that took over Congo and renamed it Zaire

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  1. Lake Victoriathe world's second largest freshwater lake


  2. KhartoumEgypt's capital and Africa's largest city


  3. Ethiopia and Liberiatwo independent nations in Africa


  4. Atlas Mountainlarge mountain range where most precipitation falls along the northwest coast


  5. Pygmiesnomadic people who were the original inhabitants of Northern Africa