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3rd Grade - Social Studies - Greece, Rome, Egypt, China

a body of land that is surrounded by water on three sides
Ancient Greece
Located on the continent of Europe surrounded by mountains, hills and the Mediterranean Sea.
Birthplace of Democracy
Greece because they started the idea of democracy (government by the people)
representative democracy
a government in which people vote for a smaller group of citizens to make the rules and laws for everyone; also called a Republican Form of Government; Government of United States is based on this democracy developed in Rome
long, long ago
small independent communities developed because of the many mountains; a way the Greeks adapted to their environment; two of the well known communities are Athens and Sparta
Greek sculpture and pottery
painted with pictures to tell stories; usually painted with red or black paints
an athletic event that began in Greece in honor of Zeus; held every 4 years
a famous temple in Greece built to honor the Greek goddesses Athena
pillars that support buildings and structures
the design and construction of buildings
direct democracy
citizens voted to make their rules and laws; Ancient Greek had this type of democracy
Characteristics of Ancient Greece
Mountains, hills, city states, islands, the Mediterranean Sea, farmers, traders, and shipbuilders
act of giving or doing something
Ancient Rome
located on the continent of Europe in the present day country of Italy; built on hills near the Tiber River
Characteristics of Ancient Rome
Cities built on hills; limited rich soil; Mediterranean Sea; farmers, traders and road builders
Rome Contributions
Arches such as those used in the Colosseum; aqueducts (used to carry fresh water to towns from rivers and lakes); Mosaics (pictures made from clay tiles, paintings and sculpture used to decorate houses and temples)
Ancient Egypt
located in Africa, south of the Mediterranean Sea and West of the Red Sea
Nile River
major water source in Egypt that starts in the South and runs North emptying into the Mediterranean Sea
Egyptian Kings who made laws and gave orders; richest and most important person in all of Egypt
Stone Pyramids
Architecture contribution of Egyptians that served as final burial place for the pharoahs
one of the earliest forms of writing used by Ancient Egyptians; used several hundred pictures and symbols instead of words
Ancient Egyptians that learned how to read and write hieroglyphics
One of the earliest forms of paper used by Egyptians; made from reeds that grew along the Nile
Egyptian Inventions
Water Clock (water dripping through a bucket at a steady rate); 365-day calendar (three seasons lasting 360-days and 5 day for celebration)
Egyptian Seasons
growing seaon, harvesting season, and flooding season
Located on the continent of Asia. The land is desert-like, mountainous, and covered with forest.
Main Rivers in China
Huang He, Yellow River, and Yangtze River
Yangtze River
Third longest river in the world
Seasons of Ancient China
Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter
Rice and Wheat
Most important crops farmed in Ancient China
What most people in Ancient China were
Irrigation System
Way to get water to farmlands that were a long way away from the river
Chinese Inventions
Kites, gunpowder used to make ancient fireworks, compass used to help people determine direction, silk cloth used by wealthy people to make their clothes
A metal discovered by the Chinese used to create statues, vases, jewelry and other items
Form of writing used by Chinese that used symbols or characters to represent words or ideas
Great Wall of China
Wall built by the Q'in dynasty to keep invaders out of the civilization. It was 4,000 miles long and is visible from outer space
Ancient Mali
An important trading center located in West Africa where people from the Salt Region (in the Sahara Desert in the North) and people from the Gold Region ( in the South) come to make trades
Farmers, traders, and miners
What the people of Mali worked as
Niger River
Major river in Mali
A famous ancient city that is still in Mali today. Place where most of the trading took place. Also had a famous university with a large library containing Greek and Roman books
A storyteller...important in Mali because they did not write down their history