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the stage in mitosis in which individual chromosomes, after being separated from double chromosomes, move to opposite sides of the cell


a one-celled microorganism that contains no nucleus

cell cycle

the sequence of growth and division that dividing cells go through

cell plate

structure formed in cytokinesis that divides the cytoplasm of a plant cell in half


cylindrical strutures in animal cells from which the spindle extends from in mitosis


the structure that is the point of attachment for two chromatids in a double chromosome


a single chromosome that is part of a double chromosome


structures composed of a very long strand of DNA that has been tightly compacted

chromosome set

a group of chromosomes that exist together within the nucelus of a eukaryote


stage following mitosis in which the cytoplasm of a cell divides into two equal portions


area within a cell between the nucleus and outer cell membrane

DNA deoxyribonucleic acid

large molecules that carry the genetic information necessary for all cellular functions


midplane of the cell

eukaryotic cell

cell that has a true nucleus surrounded by a membrane


segments of DNA that carry information and give directions for everthing the cell is and will be


period in the cell cycle when the cell grows, produces more cell structures, and doubles its chromosome set


the second stage in mitosis in which the doubled chromosomes line up along the cell's equator and are split into single chromosomes


fiber-like structures that extend from opposite sides of the cell in mitosis; form the spindle


the separation of doubled chromosomes and the division of the nucleus into two nuclei that is necessary for cell division to occur in eukaryotic cells

nuclear envelope

a membrane that surrounds the nucleus in a eukaryotic cell


plural form of nucleus


a dark structure seen within the nucleus


membrane bound structure; found in eukaryotes that contains the genetic material for the cell

prokaryotic cell

a cell that doesn't have a membrane bound nucleus


first and longest stage of mitosis


the last stage in mitosis


football-shaped structure formed from microtubules during prophase

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