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_______ compounds include gases, solids, and liquids. 90% of all known compounds contain this.


means of living things


Many _______ compounds have similar properties such as low melting and boiling points.


a compound that contains only the elements carbon and hydrogen. Properties: flammable, when they burn they release a great deal of energy, mix poorly with water.


Simplest hydrocarbon is _______ - CH4

structural formula

shows the kind, number, and arrangement of atoms in a molecule. each dash represents a bond.


compounds that have the same molecular formula but different structural formulas.


_(#) carbon atoms can form a single, double, or triple bond.

saturated hydrocarbons

classified according to the type of bonds; has only a single bond; has the maximum number of hydrogen atoms possible on its carbon chain.

unsaturated hydrocarbons

have double or triple bonds; have fewer hydrogen atoms for each carbon atom than a saturated hydrocarbon does.


-ene or -yne




the simplest unsaturated hydrocarbon with one double bond


used in welding

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