Philosophy Exam I Chapter Two

In saying that all things are full of gods, Thales apparently meant that
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Heraclitus believes that oppositionis an essential and necessary part of reality.Heraclitus says thatit is not good for men to get everything they want.Parmenides is rightly called a rationalist becausehe is willing to follow the argument wherever it leads.The One of Parmenides isunchanging, all alike, and eternal.Parmenides says that a goddess spoke and told himto judge by reasoning what she tells him.Zeno argues thatan arrow cannot move at all, even though it seems to us that it does.A reductio ad absurdum argumentreduces its assumed premise to absurdity.Democritusreconciles the arguments of Parmenides with what our senses tell us about change and the many.Democritus says that sweet and bitter exist by convention. By this he means thatif we came to agree they didn't exist, they would disappear.Which of the following does Democritus not say?The needy man knows how much he needs.