Forensic Science

the first officer arriving at a crime scene, after providing or obtaining medical assistance for the injured and effecting an arrest of suspects (if possible), should immediately:
secure the scene
the most basic methods of crime scene recording include all of the following EXCEPT:
infrared analysis
if the crime scene includes a dead body, the photographer should:
depict injuries and weapons at scene
a rough sketch need NOT include
compass heading designated north
bite marks would be LEAST likely to be found in cases involving:
which statement about note taking is NOT true?
note taking is done after all crime scene processing has been completed
typically, about an hour after death, the a deceased body loses heat at a rate of approximately_____ until the body reaches the environmental temperature
1-1 1/2 C per hour
physical evidence at a hit and run scene could include:
glass fiber, fabric impressions, paint chips, and fiber and tissues
forensic science is the application of science to:
both criminal and civil law
charred debris from an arson scene should be?
packaged in air tight glass jar.
forensic databases are maintained for all of the following except:
dental impressions
the successful outcome of a criminal investigation is almost always directly related to:
the number of people employed in the crime lab
a properly maintained chain of custody is NOT the responsibility of the:
trail judge
success in the recognition and collection of physical evidence is determined primarily by the:
to determine the gender of skeletal remains, a forensic anthropologist can examine all of the following area of the skeleton except:
a corpse was discovered in an apartment last november. it was hat of 50 year old male who died of a heart attack. at the time of discovery, the body temperature was determined to be 89 F. what is the most probable post mortem interval
7 hours
the stage of fusion of various bones within a skeleton can be used to estimate the _____ of the decedent
according to forensic entomologists, which "witness" is the first to arrive at the crime scene?
blow fly
if a cause of death cannot be found through simple observation of the victim a ____ is typically carried out.
which of the following items is likely to contain DNA evidence?
a bedsheet
evidence of tampering with the position of a body after death can be obtained by evaluating the:
livor mortis
investigators should collect possible carriers of trace evidence which may include:
vacuum sweepings, clothing, vehicles and fingernail scrapings
the crime scene notes must accurately record:
the tasks assigned each investigator, personnel arrivals and departures from the scene, and descriptions of evidence present at the crime scene.
a forensic anthropologist may help to create a ____ to help with the identification of the victim.
facial reconstruction
estimations of the postmortem interval (PMI0 using entomological evidence must take into account:
the species of insect present, geographical location of the decedents body, the locations climate over time and weather conditions
forensic pathologist
is the scientist who studies how the person dies, the scientist takes down the notes, sketches, and take the photo
forensic entomologist
studies how long the blow fly got to the dead body and the time of the death. they also can tell when the blow fly landed on the body
forensic anthropologist
are the scientists who help re create the facial structure of the victim
paint manufactured impressions
national identification bureau index network
combined DNA index system
deoxyribonucleic acid
Paint DNA quary
fedural burea investigation
manufactured evidence
antibodies are found
in the blood serum
in the united states, the rarest blood type:
the clumping together of red blood cells by the action of an antibody is known as:
the D antigen is also known as the ____ antigen
to determine whether a bloodstain is of human or animal origin, the serologist will perform:
a precipitin test
a gene pair made up of two similar alleles- for example, AA and AB is said to be:
____transport oxygen from the lungs to the body tissues and carry carbon dioxide back to the lungs.
red blood cells
evidence to substantiate that a rape occurred could include:
physicial injuries, blood and semen, hairs and fibers
an individual whois type O has:
both A and B antibodies
what sex do the XX alleles represent?
the base unit of heredity is the
type A individuals have ___ antigens on the surface of their red blood cells
A antigens
how many pairs of chromosomes in a human cell?
23 chromosomes
what element is needed to make hemoglobin
what is the correct term for red blood cells?
what is the main function of platelets
they make a scab
what is the main role of a white blood cells?
fight off diseases
what blood group is known as the universal blood donor?
type O
genes are positioned on theard like bodies called
which is NOT an effect of marijuana
decrease in appetite for sweets
forensic databases are maintained for all of the following except?
dental impressions
what is true about the "club drug" Rohypnol?
it can cause drowsiness, dizziness, and loss of consciousness, it is odorless, colorless and tasteless, it results in loos of memory of what happened in the hours after ingestion, it is enhanced when combined with alcohol.
Bullet Casing
Shoe Print
define oligospermia
is when the male has a lack of sperm cells
define a gene
is the basic unit of heredity
define a chromosome
is when genes are placed on top of a thread like body. Chromosomes are found in the locus
define an allele
is if you have similar gene pairs
define plasma
is the fluid of unclothed cells
define an antigen
is the type of blood that you have, so you can have A antigen, B antigen, O antigen and AB antigen
Forensic science is the application of science to:
both criminal and civil law
who is known as the "father of forensic toxicology"
who developed the system known as anthropometry
who undertook the first definitive study of fingerprints as a method of personal identification?
who devised a technique for determining the blood group of a dried bloodstain, which he applied to criminal investigations?
the ____ unit applies principles and techniques of chemistry, physics, and geology to the identification and comparison of crime scene evidence
physical science
who postulated the exchange of evidence principle?
which of the following can be rightfully cited as an explanation for the rapid growth of crime labs during the last 25 years?
advent of DNA profiling, increase in drug related arrests, staggering increase in crime rates in the united states, supreme court decisions in the 1960's
which entity maintains the largest crime laboratory in the world?
which would not be included in the work of the biology unit of a crime lab
fingerprint analysis
the concept of "general acceptance" of scientific evidence relates to the:
Frye standard
in the case of Daubert v Merrell Dow Pharmaceutical, Inc., the U.S. Supreme Court advocated that a "gatekeeper" determine the admissibility and reliability of scientific evidence. this gatekeeper is the:
trial judge
the final evaluator of forensic evidence is the:
bite marks would be LEAST likely to be found in cases involving
forensic odontology refers to the study of:
Drug Enforcement Agency
Crime Scene Investigation
Central intellange agency
List the four crime labs set up by the federal governments
FBI, US Postal Inspection Agency, DEA, , Burea of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms
the periodic table is a:
chart listing by name and symbol of all the known elements
sublimation is defined as a change of state from:
solid to gas
what is the boiling point of water in Kelvin
forensic database are maintained for all of the following except:
dental impressions
the rate of cooling of a dead body can be influenced by all BUT the:
genes of victim
the density of liquids is _____ the density of gases.
greater than
the smallest particle of an element that can exist and still retain its identity as that element is the:
the computerized database used to store DNA information is:
which unit has the responsibility for the examination of body fluids and organs for the presence of drugs and poisons?
toxicology unit
define element
an element is a chemical that has a name. for example O is an element and its chemical name is oxygen.
define matter
matter is anything that has max and takes up space
what is a compound and give one example?
a compound has more than two elements in it. for example CO2 is carbon dioxide which has carbon and oxygen
what is physical property
physical property is when you change its property but not in chemical way.
what is dry ice?
is a example of sublimation
what is weight?
weight is how much mass that the object has
Group 1
aliaki metals
Group 2
aliaki earth metals
Group 17
Group 18
nobel gases
what are the three particles found in an atom?
neutrons, protons, electrons
what is the atomic number?
the atomic number is the number of protons and neutrons in the atom.