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Lit Questions

Who is the author of Miss Hinch?

Henry Harrison

Miss Hinch's occupation was?

being a professional impersonator

What is the setting of Miss Hinch?

New York by a Broadway

Who is the Central Character of Miss Hinch?

Jessie Dark

Who is the antagonist of Miss Hinch?

Miss Hinch

What type of conflict does Miss Hinch reveal?

Man vs. Man
(Jessie Dark vs. Miss Hinch)

How is the Conflict in Miss Hinch resolved?

She gets caught. It was resolved satisfactorily and well.

Did the central character of Miss Hinch Triumph?


Who was really Miss Hinch?

the clergyman

Was Little John aptly named? Why or why not?

no, it described him in this manor: his limbs were large and his stature was seven foot high.

How did Robin Hood summon his men?

a fine bugle horn

Was the ballad of Robin Hood and Little John simple or complex?

simple,because the plot was straight forward

What type of Conflict was Robin Hood and Little John?

Man vs. Man

What does the statement, "He is a stout fellow, forbear" mean?

Robin Hoods men wanted to throw Little John in the River, because he fought honorably and didn't cheat.

Who was the author of Through the Tunnel?

Doris Lessing

Does the setting of Through the Tunnel help portray the conflict? Why or why not?

yes, the story takes place largely underwater and the conflict centers Jerry's desire to find and swim through a tunnel that leads to the other side. Upon doing this he feels he has gained independence

What colors does the author use to describe the mother and the beach?

White and Yellow

What was the conflict in the story Through the Tunnel?

Man vs. Self

What colors are used to describe the boys swimming in the bay and the bay itself?

Blue-green, Dark blue, red, and purple.

What do you think that contrast in colors implies in Through the Tunnel?

How different the beach and the bay looked compared to each other, and how the characters looked at each place

Who is the Central character of the Duel?

Ivin Golubenker

Whom or what is the Central character in The Duel fighting against? What type of conflict is used in this story?

Himself, Man vs. Self

How is the dominant conflict in The Duel resolved?

Ivin leaves the woman's house

What is the secondary conflict in The Duel, and how is it resolved?

The Duel itself, and Valdimir gets shot and dies.

Who is the author of The Duel?

Nikolai Teleshov

What are some adjectives that describe Ivin when he is trying to tell Pelageia about her dead son?

cowardly, shameful, guilty, remorseful

Who is the author of Top Man?

James Ullman

Who is the central Character of Top Man?


Who opposes the central character in Top Man?


What are 3 conflicts in Top Man?

Man vs. Man: Osborn vs. Nace, Man vs. Nature: Nace vs. K3, Man vs. Self: Nace vs. Himself

Explain how the 3 conflicts in Top Man are resolved.

Man vs. Man: Nace saved Osborn and dies. Man vs. Nature: Osborn gets to the top of K3 and leaves Naces ax. Man vs. Self: Nace got really close to the top of the mountain and because he thought about his other friend that died he didn't want Osborn to die. The conflict is resolved well.

What is the dominant conflict of Top Man?

Man vs. Man: because of the differences between Nace and Osborn.

Nace struggles through the whole story because of whose death?


Who is the author of Under the Lions Paw?

Hamlin Garland

What are the different types of conflict in Under the Lions Paw?

Man vs. Man: Haskins vs. Butler. Man vs. Society: Greedy land spectators (dominant conflict= POWER GREATER THAN HIMSELF) Man vs. Self: Haskins deciding whether or not to kill butler or not.

How are the conflicts resolved in Under the Lions Paw?

Man vs. Man: Haskins tells butler that he will kill him if he ever steps foot on his land again. Man vs. Society:

What is the significance of the title Under the Lions Paw?

Butler had taken total control over Haskins

When did butler become greedy?

When he got 4x the profit for land that he paid for.

Should Literature provide a resolution for the conflict?


What is a protagonist?

Central/Main character whom all the action revolves around

When did Haskins feel helpless?

When he was under the lions paw.

What is a antagonist?

The character who opposes the protagonist

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