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Les douleurs

The pains (child birth)

S'en falloir

Would have to... / Almost there... (Expression of time)


To re-tighten

Une gaine

A girdle

Pas de veine

Tough luck


To miss

Une prime

A bonus

Le ventre

The stomach

Le pont de la Toussaint

The result of the Toussaint holiday (context humor)


To remain

Un lambin

A slowpoke (masculine)

La fermeture

The closing

Comme il faut

Like it should be / The right way

Dans l'ensemble

All in all (long version)

À peine

Barely / hardly

Un berceau

A cradle

En m'accrochant

By hanging

Se mettre à

To start doing something


To bawl

Au fond

All in all (short version)

Un jumeau

A twin


Lost / misplaced

Du moins

At least


Indeed (in this context)

Toute seule

By myself, oneself...


To hoist

Les couverts

The silverware

Un rond (de serviette)

A napkin ring

Vivement que

Can hardly wait for... (add a subject in front of this term to get this definition)



On n'avait plus avantage

There was nothing to gain


Single (in this context, salary per house).

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