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I have to name the people, places, and events of the Revolutionary war.

Who was the first to sign the Declaration of Independance?

John Hancock

Who was the commander and cheif of the continental army?

George Washington

What patriot helped start the Sons of Liberty?

Samuel Adams

What black man was the first to fall in the Boston Massacre?

Cryspus Attucks

Who warned the minute men that the british were coming?

Paul Revere

Who said, "Give me liberty or give me death"?

Patrick Henery

What man wrote the Declaration of Independance?

Thomas Jefferson

What frenchman helped the colonists fight the british?


What german helped german helped the colonists fight the british?

Von Stueben

Who was the general that surrendered at yorktown?


Who said "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country"?

Nathan Hale

Who was a famous traitor who turned against america?

Benedict Arnold

Who said"I have only just begun to fight?

John Paul Jones

What man was a statesman, inventor, printer, and patriot?

Ben Franklin

A large sudden chnge in goverment and in people's lives


What colonial taxes were helping pay for

French and Indian war

a name for the english goverment


One of the hated laws to tax the colonists

Stamp Act

A secret organization formed to fight the british

Sons of Liberty

Refusing to buy goods as a form of protest


A name for the british soldiers

red coats

A group that wrote letters to colonists

Committiees of Correspondence

A name for the killing of five colonists by british soldiers

Boston Massacre

Farmers ready to fight on short notice


Public statement declaring freedom from england

Declaration of Independance

Places were the first shots were fired

Lexington and Concord

People who love and support their country


People who were still loyal to England and the king


Written requests


Group that helped write the declaration of Independance

2nd Continental Congress

Name for the American Army

Continental Army

Name for George Washingtons home

Mnt. Vernon

An agrrement between two governments


The place where the british surrendered


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