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  1. vocation
  2. astute
  3. omniscience
  4. caustic
  5. relent
  1. a to yield, to give in
  2. b sharp, bitter or cutting
  3. c infinite knowledge; all knowing
  4. d career, occupation
  5. e keen in judgement; crafty

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  1. rebellion or overthrow of a leader
  2. to move quickly, nimble
  3. superior skill or ability
  4. admirable or awe-inspiring
  5. to pacify, to relieve, to appease

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  1. resilientable to cope; able to recover or return to an earlier state


  2. sanctuarybitter resentment


  3. squalidfilthy and miserable


  4. bawdyhumorously indecent; lewd


  5. prevailto be greater in strength or influence; to predominate