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  1. monosyllablic
  2. flotilla
  3. transgression
  4. disperse
  5. tyrannical
  1. a to scatter, to drive apart
  2. b violation of a law or duty
  3. c having one syllable
  4. d unjust, unfair, oppressive
  5. e fleet of small ships

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  1. acting in an underhanded manner; shifty, sneaky
  2. financial well-off; wealthy affluence
  3. uncontrollable
  4. to regret, to be sorry
  5. to strike, to erase, to remove

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  1. sullento crush completely, to quiet; to overcome


  2. supplicationan earnest request for something


  3. semblancean outward appearance that is misleading


  4. rancorimmoral, unchaste or lewd


  5. arrogantwise, judicious