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  1. feeble
  2. reverence
  3. unsullied
  4. abhor
  5. glutton
  1. a to hate
  2. b an act of showing respect
  3. c lacking in force; weak
  4. d one that eats or consumes a huge amount
  5. e spotless, clean, fresh

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  1. eager, enthusiastic
  2. filthy and miserable
  3. disrespectful, improper
  4. to irritate or worsen
  5. to perplex, to bewilder, to confuse

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  1. consummateto the highest degree


  2. frayto spoil or damage


  3. afflictiondamnation; loss of the soul


  4. transgressiondamnation; loss of the soul


  5. wretchedto return to life; to bring back from a state of unconsciousness