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  1. undulate
  2. deride
  3. obscure
  4. appall
  5. copse
  1. a to shock, to strike with disgust
  2. b to ripple, to roll like waves
  3. c not clearly understood or expressed
  4. d a thicket or small trees or shrubs
  5. e to ridicule or make fun of

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  1. a feeling of deep regret
  2. to handle a weapon with skill
  3. a command to testify before a court
  4. to beg or implore
  5. to spoil or damage

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  1. snivelingto whine tearfully


  2. nuptialsrelated to marriage, wedding ceremony


  3. usurpdisrespectful, rude


  4. amorousinauthentic, false, not genuine


  5. disperseto scatter, to drive apart


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