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  1. sanctuary
  2. disperse
  3. nuptials
  4. abate
  5. detachment
  1. a to subside, decrease or decline
  2. b withdrawal, seperation
  3. c a place of refuge or safety
  4. d to scatter, to drive apart
  5. e related to marriage, wedding ceremony

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  1. to ridicule or make fun of
  2. to settle; to adjust or to make up after a fight
  3. friendly, kind, gracious
  4. to pacify, to relieve, to appease
  5. not clearly understood or expressed

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  1. arrogantwise, judicious


  2. inconspiciousinnocent, naive, trusting


  3. formidableadmirable or awe-inspiring


  4. asperityshowing irritability or an ill temper


  5. gluttonone that eats or consumes a huge amount