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  1. grovel
  2. aggregate
  3. mar
  4. caustic
  5. pernicious
  1. a to spoil or damage
  2. b harmful; tending to cause death or serious injury
  3. c a collection, an amount
  4. d sharp, bitter or cutting
  5. e to humble oneself in a demeaning manner

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  1. morally excellent
  2. to pretend or disguise
  3. beyond consolation; hopelessly sad
  4. causing misery, a disaster
  5. a long angry speech, diatribe

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  1. perforateto abuse the sacredness of


  2. squalidmessenger


  3. wretcheda feeling of deep regret


  4. prowesssuperior skill or ability


  5. speculationan aggravation resulting in some action