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  1. undulate
  2. relent
  3. usurp
  4. minstrel
  5. bawdy
  1. a to seize power and position of another without authority
  2. b to yield, to give in
  3. c humorously indecent; lewd
  4. d musician storyteller who traveled from place to place reciting poetry
  5. e to ripple, to roll like waves

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  1. a very large dangerous opening
  2. amends made for an injure or wrong; recompense
  3. to irritate, to vex, to annoy
  4. not prominent or noticeable
  5. a collection, an amount

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  1. pantomimeto act out without words


  2. morbidmessenger


  3. taintedspoiled, rotten or festivities


  4. disparageto speak of in a disrespectful way, to put down


  5. inexorablefirm, unrelenting, unwavering