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  1. formidable
  2. copse
  3. tainted
  4. fatuous
  5. supplication
  1. a spoiled, rotten or festivities
  2. b an earnest request for something
  3. c foolish; inane
  4. d a thicket or small trees or shrubs
  5. e admirable or awe-inspiring

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  1. insulting or arrogant in behavior and speech
  2. keeping watch or awake
  3. a nuance, an slight difference
  4. spotless, clean, fresh
  5. in deep thought

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  1. inureto accustom to hardship, difficulty or pain


  2. impetuouscharacterized by sudden or rash action


  3. entailmenta deadly epidemic disease


  4. augmentwithdrawal, seperation


  5. aegisto move quickly, nimble