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  1. wanton
  2. dispatch
  3. vociferous
  4. wretched
  5. bawdy
  1. a humorously indecent; lewd
  2. b worthless, miserable
  3. c immoral, unchaste or lewd
  4. d a message sent quickly
  5. e making an outcry, as of demanding of protest

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  1. spoiled, rotten or festivities
  2. to move quickly, nimble
  3. able to cope; able to recover or return to an earlier state
  4. a deadly epidemic disease
  5. in deep thought

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  1. marto spoil or damage


  2. assuageto pacify, to relieve, to appease


  3. sullendark, brooding, morose


  4. baffleto perplex, to bewilder, to confuse


  5. appallto shock, to strike with disgust