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  1. judiciously
  2. chaste
  3. avid
  4. infallible
  5. pantomime
  1. a pure, virginal, innocent
  2. b eager, enthusiastic
  3. c with good judgement or common sense
  4. d incapable of failing or making an error
  5. e to act out without words

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  1. bright and showy
  2. to perplex, to bewilder, to confuse
  3. firm and steadfast; true
  4. skill in the use of hands; body or mind, quickness
  5. of a size or splendor suggesting great expense; lavish

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  1. ambiguityhaving more than one meaning


  2. floridexcessively ornamented, flowery


  3. sceptrea remaining trace of something that no longer exists


  4. amorousmenacing; threatening


  5. indomitableincapable of being subdued or vanquished