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  1. solemn
  2. detest
  3. reverence
  4. usurp
  5. calamity
  1. a serious, deeply earnest
  2. b causing misery, a disaster
  3. c to seize power and position of another without authority
  4. d an act of showing respect
  5. e to dislike intensely, abhor, loathe

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  1. firm and steadfast; true
  2. to ridicule or make fun of
  3. shame; dishonor; infamy
  4. to settle; to adjust or to make up after a fight
  5. anger aroused by something unjust or mean

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  1. impetuousof a size or splendor suggesting great expense; lavish


  2. baffleto perplex, to bewilder, to confuse


  3. arrogantto yield, to give in


  4. causticdisrespectful, rude


  5. restitutionthe act of making goods or compensating for loss; restoring something to its rightful owner


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