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Physical features - Africa South of the Sahara


A steep cliff at the edge of a plateau with a lowland area below

rift valley

A deep valley that forms where two plates move apart.


like a canyon, a steep-sided valley formed when a river cuts through land that is being lifted upward

industrial diamond

diamond used to make drills, saws, or grinding tools to process other materials rather than as a gemstone


arranged in an order and alike in some way


most important; main or primary


long period without rain

rain forest

dense stand of trees and other growth that receives high amounts of precipatation each year


dense covering formed by the leafy tops of tall rain forest trees; umbrella like covering formed by the tops of trees in a rain forest


the process of stripping the land of its trees; cutting down of forests without replanting new trees


type of tourism in which people visit a country to enjoy its natural wonders


broad grassland in tropical or subtropical regions with few trees


process by which dry land areas turn into deserts


having fleshy plant tissue that conserves moisture; a plant that has thick, fleshy leaves that can conserve moisture


occurring once a year


vey big; extraordinarily large in size or extent or amount or power or degree

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