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  1. population
  2. organ system
  3. cells and humans have this in common
  4. mitochondria
  5. cell wall
  1. a a group of individuals of the same species that live together in the same area at the same time
  2. b respiration, excretion, reproduction and consumption
  3. c a structure that surrounds the cell membrane of plant cells, giving the cell a rigid, box-like shape.
  4. d most of the cells energy is produced in this organelle.
  5. e a group of organs working together to perform body functions

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  1. structures within the cell that are sometimes surrounded by a membrane
  2. a cell that has a nucleus
  3. the basic unit of all living things
  4. unicellular organism without a nucleus(prokaryotic)
  5. found in eukaryotic cells that contains a cell's DNA and directs all of the cell's activities, including reproduction.

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  1. organanything that can live on its own


  2. tissuean organelle that break down food particles, wastes, and warn out cell parts.


  3. cytologyfluid surrounding a cell's organelles


  4. communityall of the populations of different species that live and interact in an area


  5. vacuolethe basic unit of all living things