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  1. colossal
  2. audacious
  3. ravage
  4. upending
  5. sparseness
  1. a the property of being scanty or scattered
  2. b (usually plural) a destructive action
  3. c very big; enormous
  4. d bold, adventurous, recklessly daring
  5. e turning upside down

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  1. a long period of rest or inactivity by an animal, usually in the winter, to conserve energy
  2. Stout or overweight
  3. to destroy public or private property
  4. imitating, following
  5. incapable of being affected

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  1. adherenta follower, supporter; attached, sticking to


  2. breachshabby and dirty; flimsy; insubstantial; Ex. sleazy back-street hotel/fabric


  3. sleazyinadequate; minimal


  4. autocracyrule by one person with unlimited power


  5. commodoreTo trust someone with private or secret information