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  1. disport
  2. ramphant
  3. irksome
  4. portly
  5. contradictions
  1. a annoying; tedious
  2. b Stout or overweight
  3. c growing or spreading uncontrollably; growing in profusion; unrestrained
  4. d amuse; Ex. disport oneself; CF. divert
  5. e direct opposition between things compared; inconsistency

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  1. To trust someone with private or secret information
  2. a small cave or cavern
  3. blessing
  4. the remembering of past events
  5. touching with the tongue

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  1. bridleharness fitted about a horse's head (used to restrain); curb; check; V: put a bridle on; control or restrain; show anger


  2. corpulentmetal striker that hangs inside a bell and makes a sound by hitting the side


  3. commodorevery big; enormous


  4. sojurnflashy, showy; not in good taste


  5. gaudyflashy, showy; not in good taste