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Hamadi Test

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While you read:
What do rMr. Hamadi's interactions with others suggest about him?
Mr. Hamadi is a very kind man who is putting others before imself. He wants them to feel as much comfort as possible. He is also very selfless.
What can be inferred about Mr. Hamadi's mother?
We can infer that Mr. Hamadi and his mother were very close and he misses her and their strong relationship. She is most likely dead, a gardener, and very beautiful
What might Mr. Hamadi expect to find if he traveled back to his home?
Mr. Hamadi might expect to find his family either dead or having moved on from his absence. He chooses to visit his family through remembarance, in other words he doesn't want anything to have changed so he visits them through remembarance.
What do you thinnk Susan's motivation is for raising money for the hospital?
I think Susan's motivation for raising money for the hospital is that she wants to help eople, and once she got the idea from Mr. Hamadi, she needed to do it. Also, the Bethelem hospital is near Palestine where her father grew up, so she feels that it is close to home so she should help out.
Based on what you know about Susan, why do you think she spoke more loudly than usual?
I think that Susan was trying to show everyone that she was proud to have Mr. Hamadi here and know him, and he was not to be made fun of.
What inference can you make about Tracy's response to this situation
Tracy was hoping for a different answer than Eddie said. He was hoping that Eddid and Debbie had broken up.
What does Susan find puzzling about Mr. Hamadi
He doesn't go back and visit his relatives like her dad. She isn't sure why Mr. Hamadi is part of her family. Speakes in riddles, lives in two places at once.
What does Mr. Hamadi teach Susan?
Mr. Hamad teaches Susan about the importance of helping others, and doing what is right. Teaches her to think.
How does Mr. Hamadi affect the
puts other before himself, provides them with thoughtful words of wisdom. Distinctions between real life and characters. Tracy is crying, not dwell over the pain but turn a corner.
What is inferring?
Evidence with reasoning.
More to do:
Re-read the story to create a study guide.